Develop Breast Cancer Awareness and Knowledge to Prevent and Treat It

October is breast cancer awareness month and a time to pause and schedule your yearly visit to the best doctor for breast cancer. Whether you are worried about yourself or a loved one, regular check-ups are key, they allow you to check if you have cancer, get the best treatment options, and avail of the best breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai while the illness is at its early stages. These points will help you find all the information you need about breast cancer and how to prevent it. 

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that grows out of control in your breast. Although it can affect men and women, the ratio of women is higher. Breast cancer can usually be felt as a hard lump in the breast and often been seen on X-ray or diagnosed by the best doctor for breast cancer in India. Most lumps can be benign and not always cancerous; however, it’s always better to get a check-up and find out if it is malignant and how it may affect your future. 

What are the signs of breast cancer?

According to the best doctor for breast cancer, there can be many signs but the first and foremost is a lump of the thick tissue on the breast. Other signs include a change in the size and shape of the breast, a lump or swelling in the armpit, a rash around your nipple, dimpling of the skin on your breast, and a bloody discharge from either of your nipples. Breast pain is not usually a sign of breast cancer. 

How is it caused?

The exact cause of breast cancer is still not fully recognized. But certain factors can increase breast cancer like your age (as you get older the risk increases), any family history of breast cancer, a previous diagnosis of cancer, a benign breast lump or any visible signs, drinking alcohol, smoking, and being overweight or obese. Certain things to keep in mind are:

  • Keep track of family history 

If you or any relative has a history of cancer, it is always good to set up an appointment with the best doctor for breast cancer in India. Your doctor will run a few tests, and urge you to get screened just in case. Diagnosing cancer early on is always a good thing and will allow your doctor to treat it much better compared to when the cancer is too far along. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor what you need

Mammography is great for detecting cancer in much older women and it is easier to spot as compared to younger women who have dense breasts. Another way to detect cancer is through ultrasounds which can determine if the cysts are solid or fluid-filled. Thermography (radiation-free) is also used. It’s best to talk to your doctor about how you feel and your family history and ask him what your best options are.

  • Get a blood test done

A blood test is the best and most popular method used to reveal cancer. Women all over are proactively contacting the best breast cancer surgeon in Mumbai and getting these tests done tailored to specific genetic variations. In short, the more knowledge you have or read up about cancer, the better it can help you.

  • Keep your mammograms up to date

Doctors recommend that a woman with no family history of cancer should start screening at around 40 and have yearly mammograms at around 44 and 53 every couple of years. Every woman is different and depending on their situation and age a different treatment is given. You know your body better than anyone and it should be up to you to decide when to start screening.

  • Prevention is better than cure 

Everyone can prevent cancer by adjusting their lifestyle. Certain factors can reduce your risk of cancer for women who maintain a healthy weight, exercise daily, reduce your intake of alcohol, quit smoking, have a healthy BMI, and a low intake of saturated fat (like fried foods, fast foods, and more). Having a baby earlier and breastfeeding can also help reduce the risk. 


Being diagnosed with breast cancer can alter your life drastically depending on how early or how far you have caught it and the treatment you need. Everyone copes with cancer in their way and there are many support groups available that can help you through it – friends, family, people with a similar condition as you can be a powerful support system. Remember to make time for yourself to rest and don’t overexert yourself. 

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