Best Natural Therapies for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is the Latin term that means baldness and Areata mean occurring in circumscribed areas or patches.   

It is a very common disorder that causes hair loss. It happened due to the damage on the scalp, one or more patches of blading without any obvious change in the texture of the affected skin, nonscarring alopecia. It often suddenly and in a very few days, it can spread quickly and become a major problem for the person. It is the autoimmune disorder in which follicles are damaged by the misguided immune system. 

It is affected millions of people in the world. One in five people is suffering from this disorder. Alopecia also happens due to the genetic issue if a person in the family suffering from this disorder next generation can also suffer from this. It can affect any gender and at any age. Most of the cases observe suffering from Alopecia is below 30 years old.  

There is no conform or guaranty treatment for the alopecia areata, most of the company selling their medical product and take the guaranty for hair grow but after using the product customer not get a good result. Many of the medicine has side-effects and then a person suffers from one more problem. Now some people choose a natural hair loss treatment and remedies for the treatment of Alopecia areata. 

Alopecia Herbal Treatment 

If a person suffering from this disorder there are many alopecia natural treatments from hair gain. 

Coconut oil

Coconut contains vitamin E, K, and iron. It is a very useful treatment in Alopecia as it helps in regrowth hair. Coconut oil is the best herbal treatment for the Alopecia


It helps to remove some impurities on your scalp, strengthening hair and boosting hair growth.  Using Honey is natural hair loss treatment and it can easily available at home.   

Alopecia Specialist Suggestions.  

There are many kinds of researches happening for this disorder, some of the Alopecia specialists suggest theses method for natural hair loss treatment. 

Hypnosis – This helps to improve self-esteem because of a patient who suffers from Alopecia has also suffered from anxiety and depression. The study conducted by international journals based on clinical hypnosis suggests that hypnosis has a positive result for the treatment of Alopecia. 

Aromatherapy – It contains the lavender and rosemary, cedarwood help to reduce the hair loss treatment. Few drops of this mixture apply on the scalp help to grow natural hair. 

Acupuncture – It is medical therapy; it was invented by China it has been used for many years and helps for the treatment of varies skin diseases.

Stress management- Stress is the biggest cause of hair loss. It is very important to manage the stress level even the patient went to the doctor for the treatment.  The first advice a doctor gave to the patient that doesn’t take the stress. 

 Here I conclude that Alopecia Areata is not only happening in this century, this disease is also common from the past few decades. Earlier people don’t know the solutions but now there are many solutions from nature invented to cure these diseases. 

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