Natural Remedies For Getting Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Natural Remedies For Getting Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is a natural condition that all women face during pregnancy. Carrying a whole person 24×7
affects their posture, and their back bears the brunt of it. According to private gynaecologists, the
back pain that pregnant women experience can be divided into two types:

● PILBP or Pregnancy Induced Low Back Pain: This includes the pain in the back region that
begins from the lowest rib and moves downwards. It is observed that two out of three
pregnant women experience PILBP.
● PIPGP or Pregnancy Induced Pelvic Girdle Pain: This type of pain happens typically in the
pelvic region. It is observed that almost two out of ten pregnant women suffer from this kind
of pain.

Few pregnant women worry that back pain is an indication of a problem in their unborn baby.
However, most private gynaecologists in London, who perform the Well Women Health Check-up,
emphasise that back pain is not a pregnancy-related complication, but rather a consequence of
pregnancy which will go away after childbirth. Thus, they also discourage mothers from taking any
painkillers, as it would affect the normal foetus growth, and prolonged intake of analgesics are
harmful to the health of the mother.

Therefore, it is better to use CAM (Complementary and Alternative therapies) to relieve back pain
linked with pregnancy. CAM consists of only natural ways to alleviate the pain. Hence, it is free of
any side-effects and complications which are usually associated with medications. So, here are some
of the natural remedies that you can apply after undergoing a pregnancy scan, to get relief from
back pain during pregnancy.

● Calcium intake: Every foetus needs calcium for its bone growth, which it derives from their
mother. If a pregnant woman doesn’t take ample calcium supplements to suffice the
increased requirement of the foetus, then the foetus draws this calcium from the bones of
the mother. Therefore, the mother’s bones weaken, and she experiences back pain. So,
expectant mothers should take calcium supplements as recommended by the private
gynaecologist. Plus, such calcium supplements are safe for your baby.

● Hot fomentation: Hot fomentation is an effective way to get relief from muscle spasms and
back pains, especially lower back pain. When you lie down on the bed, keep a hot water
pack against your lower back. You can use the hot water pack even while you are sitting or
relaxing on the chair. A hot water pack increases the blood flow to the affected region,
providing relief from the pain. Avoid direct contact of the bag and your skin, as the heat may
burn your skin. Wind the hot bag with a towel or a cloth while applying it on your back.

● Swimming: Swimming reduces pain and is an excellent technique to relax your back
muscles. Though it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to swim, you must leave the
swimming pool the second you feel light-hearted or giddy.

● Support when sitting: Use a firm pillow or cushion when you are sitting. This is a simple but
effective technique to prevent back pain partially.

● Yoga: Yoga, as an exercise, is a remarkably effective technique to keep your back healthy
and prevent back pain. Different yogic exercises can help ease your back pain during
pregnancy. The most effective ones among these are:

❖ Duck walk: Stand with both your feet firmly on the ground with a distance of hip-
width between them. Get into the squat position, but make sure your back is
straight. Stretch out your arms and try to walk forward, maintaining the same
position. Perform this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

❖ Butterfly exercise: The butterfly exercise can be performed either sitting up or lying
down. Sit on the mat with your feet facing one another. Let the soles touch one
another and gently bring them closer to your body. Then gently push the knees
joints downwards, or you can flap your knees up and down like the wings of the
butterfly. This exercise is very effective at strengthening the back muscles. Perform
this exercise twice every day for 10 to 15 minutes during the pregnancy.

❖ Rolling: Roll your palms into fists, then push them against the lower back region.
Slowly move upwards while you curve your back. This will prove effective at
providing relief from pain. Perform this exercise twice every day.

● Good sleep at night: Lack of quality sleep causes increased discomfort and pain in your
lower back region. So make sure you get good sleep at night. Get a comfortable mattress,
which supports the body, and is not so soft that your back sinks in completely. The best

sleeping position during pregnancy is sleeping sideways. Utilise extra pillows in your front
and your back to ensure right back curvature while sleeping.

● Posture: During pregnancy, you may feel compelled to lean back due to the additional
weight in your womb. However, this can put immense strain on your back muscles. Try to
maintain a healthy posture as it decreases the chances of back pain due to abnormal
posture. Stand straight and keep your chest high while walking and standing. Move your
shoulders backwards and keep them in a relaxed position. And ensure that you do not end
up locking your knees while walking.

These are some of the best natural remedies that a private gynaecologist will suggest after you get a
pregnancy scan in London.

Whether for pregnancy or general wellness, every woman should get a Well Women Health Check-
up to ensure better health. If you wish to get this check-up, do visit the Well Women Clinic today.

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