Beauty Tips To Follow During Self-Isolation

Beauty Tips To Follow During Self-Isolation

Lockdown has been the toughest time for all of us. Coronavirus cases are rising at an alarming rate and the only way to protect ourselves from this virus is social-distancing. Self-Isolation is the best option to avoid getting the virus. Do not step-out if it is not necessary. Though we are calling it the only precaution it can be a bit uncomfortable for some people. Especially for those who are party people and love to roam with friends to the movies and malls. It has been a long time that we are self-isolated and we are already feeling lethargic. The only thing we have, to keep ourselves engaged is mobile phones and web series.

Gyms and yoga classes are also closed and we can see the effect on our body and skin. Moreover, our local shops are running out of stocks and online services are not available in most areas. We are missing our favorite beauty products to stock them back. However, In spite of waiting for them, we can go back to our roots and follow natural and home-based health & beauty tips.

Focusing on a healthy skincare regime, here are some easy and effective beauty tips for you to follow during self-isolation:

  1. Make a healthy sleep routine: A new addiction that affecting most of us is binge watch. The willingness of watching a whole season of any show overnight is disturbing our sleep patterns. 7 to 8 hours sleep is necessary for an adult to stay fit. Proper sleep is also important to maintain good skin. It helps our tissues to recover faster and also keeps the blood flow properly. Regular and sound sleep will also keep your dark circles away. So, keep that phone aside at least at night and have your precious beauty sleep.
  2. Yogasan that we know: Yoga and meditation is the best care not only for our body but for the skin too. It helps us to clean our bodies from inside. Yogasans help to detox our bodies and make us feel fresh and relax. You can start with the basic and simple Yogasans like Pranayam, Kapal Bhati, and Bhramri. After a few days, you can upgrade the Yogasans. This is a great practice for our health and provides long term benefits. Also, it cleans your skin and adds a glow to it.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated: It is very important to stay hydrated. Most of our summertime has been spent in lockdown and humidity is about to rise. Keep a check on your water intake. It will not just keep you healthy but will also make your skin glow. Being at home, we become careless and lazy to take care of these little things. But, these things matter a lot. Especially, a good amount of water is the basic requirement of our bodies to stay fit and hydrated. Have at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  4. Try to be positive in difficult times: This year has been very difficult for most of us. There are Coronavirus, natural calamities, and whatnot going on. This can be very stressful for most people. Sitting at home and having no work to do is also very stressful. You need to know, how to deals with such situations. Staying positive is so important for every one of us. You can watch motivational movies or lectures. Spiritual books can also be very helpful to bring peace into life. Stay away from negative people and negative news that seem disturbing. Mental health is very important and we can maintain it with only positivity.
  5. Keep on trying new DIY beauty hacks: Running out of your favorite skincare products is normal during the lockdown. Look for alternatives for the products that are not easily available. You can try different DIY skincare that can be equally or even more effective for your skin. Those old school home-made masks are actually very good for the skin. You can easily make your face pack and exfoliator at home with the ingredients that are available in every household. Try a turmeric face pack and coffee scrub and you will see how beautifully they work on the skin.
  6. Pay attention to hair care: Self-isolation is a great time for your hair. It is a big relief as there is no pollution that was affecting your hair. There is no sun heat and no dust around so your hair are at a safe place. It is a great time to take care of the hair. The hair oil that you were avoiding the whole year must not be ignored now. Use a good oil to massage your scalp. It will improve the quality of your hair and make them long and strong. You can also try some home-made hair masks for extra care and pampering.
  7. Follow a healthy diet: Do not let the lockdown and self-isolation affect your mealtime. Have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. Junk food is already out of reach which is good for your health. But, most people do not like homemade food. Not having proper food can affect their health. You can try new recipes that are tasty and healthy at the same time. Try new salads and add fruits to your diet. Getting required nourishment is important especially when you need to improve your immunity.

Conclusion: Self-isolation can be a difficult time for many of us. We need to fight it and find our ways. Self-care is very important at this time. Pamper yourself and try new things to do. By trying the above beauty tips we can make this difficult time a little easier on us. Love yourself and let this phase pass.

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