Why Adjustable Beds Are Good for Reducing Back Pain

Whoever has suffered or is suffering from back pain knows that it hurts the most while getting up from the bed in the morning or lying down at night, and while turning sides. Elderly people and senior citizens have higher risks of getting this type of pain. Back pain may occur due to:

  • The aftereffect of an injury
  • Back surgery
  • An accidental fall
  • A medical condition
  • Improper body movements or activities
  • Working at the office desk for long periods in the same sitting position
  • A poor posture while sitting
  • Lack of exercise

Sleeping on a bed with a flat surface puts pressure on the spinal cord which is s-shaped. Due to uneven distribution of weight, the body comes under pressure and it causes neck and back pain. 

You must have spent sleepless nights or tried to arrange pillows in all possible ways just to get a comfortable position. Then there are additional troubles when the pillows fall off, slip away, cause a space crunch, get tangled between the legs or within the sheets.

An adjustable bed for back pain may be a solution. Hospitals are using them, and people also install those special beds in their homes nowadays. These beds are said to benefit individuals suffering from back, shoulder, and neck pains, arthritis, and other joint problems.

Your upper body would be at an inclination of 30 to 45 degrees and the knees would be bent to provide proper support to the spinal cord.

Advantages of an adjustable bed for back pain

  • Easy to adjust the bed for getting a comfortable position
  • User-friendly process and remote for adjustment
  • No requirement for extra pillow support
  • Uniform sleeping position can be maintained throughout the night

There are different options of Adjustable Bed Position for Back Pain:

  • Strain relief

Excessive strain may result in back pain. Elevating your back and legs about just an inch can give you much-needed relief. You can also go for some exercises while sitting or lying down on the adjustable bed as suggested by your doctor.

  • Zero gravity

According to some users, a zero-gravity position in an adjustable bed for lower back pain provides maximum relief. In a zero-gravity position, you lie down with the head and leg raised above the stomach or heart. This position reduces pressure on the spinal cord and provides a feeling of weightlessness. The result is a very pleasant sleep.

  • For curing lower back pain 

You have to raise your legs in such a way that your knees are bent and the back is flat. It creates an elevation in the pelvic area, strengthens the muscles, and creates a proper alignment for the spine. 

  • Pain in the upper back

You have to raise the head and back to a specific adjustable bed position for back pain. This would reduce the pressure on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

  • Pain due to tension

Sometimes, tension can lead to lower back pain. A fetal position can provide relief in such cases. The lower back is released in the mattress in a relaxing position which reduces pain in the lower back.

 Features to look at before buying an adjustable bed: 

  • Massaging and alarm

Some beds come with inbuilt massaging equipment for different parts of the body. There can also be the option of an alarm.

  • Adjustable parts of the bed

Look for the adjustable parts in the bed, so that it can be inclined sufficiently for different uses like sleeping, eating, reading, or watching TV.

  • Timers for returning to a flat position if the user is asleep

There are timers attached to certain beds. These timers adjust the bed to a flat position if you fall asleep. A flat position may facilitate while moving in or getting out of the bed.

  • Zero gravity position

The term is used to describe the position practiced by astronauts to let go of the stress due to the earth’s gravitational attraction when they travel to space.

  • Split adjustment

If you are sharing the bed, your partner may not want the same alignment which you prefer. In this case, you can choose a split adjustable bed. The advantages are that there would be two remote controls and each side can be operated separately.

You should consider the features according to your requirements before you decide to invest in an adjustable bed for lower back pain as these special beds are much more expensive than regular beds

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