6 Ultimate Tips For Successful Bunion Surgery Recovery

A bunion is a bump that forms at the base of a person’s toe. It can be painful to cause hurdles in everyday life. That is why people resort to bunion surgery in Baltimore if any other methods remain unfruitful.  

However, the recovery stage is where a lot of people face a wide range of problems. This article is meant to help you get through that stage with ease and recover successfully. 

The following tips should be adopted if you just underwent a bunion removal surgery: –

  • Wearing surgical boots or casts – Right after you go through surgery, you must wear surgical boots or casts to give much-needed support to your feet. You can also use specially designed bunion pads or shoe inserts to provide an extra comfort layer. 
  • Use of painkillers – After surgery, you might end up getting affected by even the slightest hint of discomfort. In such a scenario, using the medications and painkillers prescribed by your doctor can be helpful. To prevent infections, you can use antibiotics as well. 
  • Treating swelling – Swelling is a common problem faced by a lot of patients, and the best way to deal with it is the use of ice packs over the operated area, which in this case is the toe. Getting cortisone injections can also be opted to reduce swelling if you go out of hand. 
  • Maintaining dryness – For a speedy recovery, you should avoid getting the operated area wet at all costs. While bathing or showering, ensure that your foot does not get wet to the extent that it reaches your toe as water can cause great harm. 
  • Appropriate dressing – You must get the wound dressed regularly to prevent the risk of catching infections and avoid walking as much as possible. Treatment of the stitches must be done properly. 
  • Correct choice of footwear – After surgery, you must ensure that the shoes or sandals you choose are very comfortable and do not add any sort of restriction to your feet. Shoes with a wide toe box are the first preference of bunion surgeons in Baltimore for their patients as they provide sufficient space to move. Also, remember not to wear high heels for at least six months after the surgery. 

Any surgery can be recovered from within time if proper care is taken. Similarly, if you undergo a removal surgery, make sure that you keep contacts of centers that provide bunion treatment in Baltimore handy, in case of any emergency.

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