Best Health Care Tips For A Healthy Monsoon

Tips For A Healthy Monsoon

We all love the rainy season a lot. It makes the natural look more beautiful. But another thing monsoon brings is health issues. Monsoon is important for many reasons but the only drawback of monsoon is it multiplies the growth of bacterias and viruses. It majorly affects people with low immunity like senior citizens and children. However, reading natural health blogs can help you to stay away from the adverse effects of monsoon.

Staying healthy in monsoon can be easy if you follow the best health care tips. Here are some important factors that you should be taking care of in monsoon:

     1. Maintaining hygiene in Monsoon is important

  • Protect yourself from getting wet in the rainwater. Wearing wet clothes for a long time can cause sickness.
  • Make a habit of washing hands several times a day. Bacterias spread at double speed, especially in monsoon. Most surfaces may have bacterias that you will be touching throughout the day. Make sure you use antibacterial soap or hand wash for maximum protection. Also, you can use disinfectants to clean the surfaces.
  • Never avoid the cleanliness of your feet. It is important to wash them too when you come back home. Wet and dirty feet can catch a fungal infection easily.
  • Rainwater is cold and it can affect your body temperature. That can be a reason for other illnesses in your body like cold, cough, fever, and Pneumonia in the worst case. So, take a hot shower to balance your body temperature. It will also kill germs and bacterias.
  • Avoid walking in the collected rainwater in the streets. That has the maximum number of harmful bacterias. These bacterias can easily enter into the feet nails and cause infection.

     2. Make healthy eating habits

  • If you have access to filter water then good otherwise drink boiled water only. Also, drink hot beverages like tea with ginger and lemon.
  • Curd intake is beneficial in monsoon as it prevents bad bacterias from entering our bodies. When you need to choose between curd and milk then prefer curd in the rainy season.
  • Make sure you wash all the fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Leafy vegetables are more likely to keep worms and germs. Wash them in saltwater or baking soda to make them edible.
  • Avoiding street food is so important in monsoon to stay away from stomach infection and flu.
  • Eat a balanced diet to protect your immunity. A healthy diet helps to prevent several infections in the body.
  • Avoid eating raw veggies as it may have bacterias. Prefer steamed salad over the raw one.
  • Humid weather often slows down our digestion process. Avoid fried items as they are difficult to digest.
  • Light meals are the best in monsoons. Avoid heavy meals like meat or fish.
  • Keep yourself hydrated no matter you feel thirsty or not. Keep a water bottle with you and have water at several intervals to maintain hydration.
  • Intake of tea and coffee can make you feel warm in the rainy season but too much of it can cause dehydration. So, keep it limited.
  • Good eating habits and some precautions can make this monsoon enjoyable for you. No need to panic about monsoon when you are following blogs like the Get Health Care Tips.

     3. Stay safe from mosquitoes

  • Mosquitoes breed at a rapid speed. Make sure you spare no collected water near your home. Keep the place dry and dump any collected water. Mosquitoes are dangerous in monsoon as they cause dengue, malaria, and other life-threatening flues.
  • Use a good quality screen on your windows and doors to keep the mosquitoes away. If you can not arrange screens then mosquito nets are also a good option which you can hang around your bed.
  • Mosquito repellent creams and sprays are also available in the market which protects you from mosquito bites. They are made of certain chemicals that are safe for the skin and work efficiently. These can also be used for kids.
  • Wear fully covered clothes when stepping out to avoid bugs and mosquitoes. Choose a thick fabric for maximum protection.
  • Light colour clothing is more suitable in monsoons as darker shades attract bugs and mosquitoes.

Conclusion: Above are some important tips for you to stay fit and healthy in monsoon. You can enjoy monsoon by staying alert about your health and by maintaining good habits. Do not ignore any signs your body is giving you like mild fever, joint pain, or upset stomach. Contact a physician in these cases and start the medication that they prescribe.

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