Understand What to Anticipate During Recovery: Tummy Tuck Treatment

The tummy tuck surgery in India, also known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin and helps tighten weakened abdominal wall muscles. Like most surgeries, it requires care and patience to heal after abdominoplasty.  

You will go home after you are fully recovered from anesthesia with the feeling of being fully alert. It is normal for you to feel discomfort and swelling for the first few days after.  

Here is a list of things to expect after the tummy tuck treatment:  

  • You will have dressings and bandages on the area of surgery. You should make sure the dressings and bandages are clean and are changed frequently. You may need to use drains to aid in fluid removal. You can ask your doctor about how to keep the area clean.  
  • To minimize swelling, you might need to wear an elastic girdle, abdominal binder, or compression garment for approximately six weeks post-surgery. These help to eliminate fluid buildup and support the abdomen.  
  • You should take the prescribed medications to aid healing and reduce the chances of infection. Usual prescriptions in tummy tuck in mumbai are antibiotics, anticoagulants, and pain management medicines. Topical creams are also prescribed to apply on the skin and scars.  
  • Time required for patients to go back to work or start driving depends on the extent of the procedure and their general health. The average time for patients to get back to work is two to three weeks. You can ask more about tummy tuck surgery to your doctor. 
  • After you wake up from this cosmetic surgery, you’ll have to be wearing gauze pads bound to your stomach area to reduce the bleeding. You might also lose blood and fluids through the incision area. In that case, your surgeon will put small tubes in place to help the drainage for a few days until they stop. This is included intummy tuck surgery cost in India.  

Possible complications to know. 

You need not worry about these complications as they are very rare in tummy tuck treatment. But knowing these complications can help you stay careful and be vigilant. Some of the complications that rarely occur in abdominoplasty are: 

  • Extreme scarring 
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Infection 
  • Fluid buildup 
  • Blood clots 
  • Lack of feeling around the incision 

Proper rest and gentle movement 

You can aid healing and reduce swelling by raising the upper body slightly with the knees bent. You can also put pillows under your knees to reduce pressure under your abdomen. It is better to ask your surgeon for a sleeping position specific to you that aids the healing of the area the procedure is done. You should walk around gently without hurting yourself. Moving around helps increase blood flow and helps your body heal faster. Moving your body gently also helps decrease blood clots. 

Final thoughts 

Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics advises drinking plenty of water before and after tummy tuck treatment. The tummy tuck cost Mumbai in is affordable. Visiting Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics for tummy tuck treatment is a good idea.

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