Experts Offer Tips On How To Stay Fit, Healthy During The Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, a lot of things have changed in our lives. None of us had ever imagined something like this will ever happen but here we are, facing the toughest times of our lifetime. It has been a long time and now we just want to go back to our normal routine. However, it looks like we need to be more patient as no vaccine or medicine has been still announced that is capable to cure COVID-19. 

This shall too pass, is the approach we should carry to stay positive. Following some good health and fitness advice is very helpful to stay protected from this life-threatening virus. So, here are some useful tips for you. Follow these expert tips to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic:

  1. Never skip exercise: It has been a long time that gyms and yoga classes are closed. We all are not that physically active which we used to be earlier. So, we need some kind of exercise daily. To maintain a fit and healthy body, the first thing we need to do is to lose fat and keep our muscles free. Getting fat and having stiff muscles are obvious things when we do not have any physical activity. It is better to do exercise daily and keep that maintain until your gym or yoga classes are not open again. 
  2. Have a good sleep every day: Except for the front warriors, all of us are bound to be at home. It is safe for us as there will be fewer chances of catching the virus at home. But, people are not utilizing their time appropriately. Their sleep cycle has been disturbed. Some are doing their office work till late night and some are surfing the internet or binge-watching web series being unaware of the negative impact of it. Good sleep is so important for our body to heal and repair the cells and to give some rest to our brains. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day preferably in the night time to stay physically and mentally fit.
  3. Have nutritious food: Time has been tough with those who do not know cooking and living alone. Their cooks are not available and restaurants are closed. They end up eating noodles and pasta and other easy to make foods. These types of foods are not at all good for our health. If you are also one of those then you need to stop this. Learn cooking from your friends and family on the phone or watch YouTube videos of cooking. Try to make nutritious food that is good for your health. Include fruits to your diet. It will give you more energy and will improve your immunity.
  4. Love and pamper yourself: The only good thing that has happened in this pandemic and lockdown is we have got a lot of time for ourselves. We all were lacking some “me time” and were complaining about the same. Now when we have got this time we should use it for “self-love”. Do the things you love to do but did not get time for that. Learn something new that was there in your bucket-list. Pamper your self by doing some skincare and hair care routine. Listen to your favourite music and watch movies you were willing to watch for a long time. It will help you to release stress and will make you feel good, mentally.
  5. Keep yourself relaxed and stress-free: A lot is happening around us and some or the other way it is affecting us deeply. We need to stay away from negativity and have some mental peace. Do some meditation to keep yourself stress-free. Have a check on what you are watching or reading on the internet. Stop following people on the internet who are spreading hatred or rumours. Watch or read inspirational or motivational things only. Do not stress over a piece of news that seems negative or saddening.
  6. Stay in touch with your loved ones: If you are living alone then try to stay connected with your friends and family. Living alone can be so depressing especially when you do not have much to do. Ask your friends and family how they are doing and if they need something. Call your family members and let them know that you are doing well. It feels good when someone shows their concern. It helps to feel safe and good when someone cares.
  7. Ask for help if needed: The number of mental health issues has increased a lot during the pandemic. Many people are struggling with depression as they have no jobs, facing financial crises, have no one to talk with, and other personal reasons. Feel no shame if you are also facing the same. It is normal and there is no shame about visiting a psychiatrist. If you think you are feeling too low or having suicidal thoughts, immediately seek professional help.

Conclusion: Physical and mental fitness matters a lot. You need to be extra careful during the pandemic. “Precaution is the cure” until the scientists find a vaccine for the Corona Virus. Till then, follow the above tips and take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

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