Reasons to Add Annual Well-Woman Visit before The Starting of New Year

Women are far stronger than men. After all, they have the ability to give life. That said, a woman’s body is a very complex mechanism. Due to the constant rigour of personal and family life, most women fail to take care of their health and overall wellbeing. This happens to an extent of completely neglecting their health for the sake of their family and their children.

But they should take care of their health for the overall wellbeing of their family and personal life. So, let us look at some of the important well-woman health check-up measures that every woman should undergo.

  • Check up for breast cancer

Many women in the age group of 50 to 74 years suffer from breast cancer. It has been observed that approximately 1 woman in every 5 women is at risk of developing breast cancer as they age. Therefore, women should undergo periodic check-ups for breast cancer. An annual check-up is a must to find any early signs of the ailment. Women can also do a self check-up of their breasts at home to detect any abnormalities or lumps in the organs. Private gynaecology clinics recommend that women should undergo mammogram tests every year to check for and early signs of the disease.

  • Blood pressure checks

Any changes in hormonal activity influence the blood pressure levels in women. They also experience most blood pressure fluctuations during their periods. Therefore, women should undergo regular blood pressure checks to know their mean blood pressure levels and to keep them at normal levels at all times. Generally, the blood pressure reading of 120/80 is considered normal, anything below or above this value is termed as abnormal.

Normal fluctuations are fine, but if the blood pressure is consistently high or consistently low, it may give rise to many additional ailments and diseases within the body. So, make sure your blood pressure is normal by checking it regularly.

  • Thyroid health checks

Our thyroid glands play a very important role in regulating the normal functions of the body including metabolism and organ development. An underactive thyroid gland secretes fewer thyroid hormones, which, in turn, affect the normal bodily functions. The problem of thyroid hormone or an underactive thyroid gland is most common among women.

That is why doctors recommend that women undergo a well-woman health check-up regularly or every 6 months to check the performance of their thyroid gland. And, if found underactive, they should take proper medications to regulate the functions of the thyroid gland, because if the gland stays persistently underactive or hyperactive, then it could result in more illnesses and ailments within the body.

  • Lipid profile checks

Unhealthy and erratic urban lifestyles, followed by eating unhealthy fast foods, has led to the growth of the cholesterol problem in many women. If left unchecked, these unhealthy cholesterol levels will create further problems within the body and may affect your normal bodily functions.

The lipid profile test is the method of identifying the level of bad cholesterol in your body. The test will determine your cholesterol levels, and check whether you have increasingly high bad cholesterol levels or they are under control. The doctor usually recommends the lipid profile test, along with a well-woman check in London, every six months to check the cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Diabetes checks

Diabetes has become the most prevalent lifestyle disease among the modern population. It is said that women are more susceptible to acquire diabetes than men, after a certain age. Also, overweight and obese women are more likely to acquire diabetes. This disease has an irreversible effect on the body if not treated in time. Therefore, women must undergo a test for sugar and diabetes periodically.

  • Dental checks

Oral health is as important as the overall health of the body. Every grown-up woman should undergo a comprehensive dental check to determine the status of their teeth and gum structure and to ensure that their gums remain germ- and pain-free. A dental check also helps to identify any black teeth, cracked teeth and the condition of the back teeth, which are generally hard to locate. A periodic dental check involves x-ray sessions and general physical examination about the dentist to find out the early signs of any decaying teeth if any. Therefore, doctors recommend a well woman check at the dentist, at least, once every year.

  • Cervical cancer check

Instances of cervical cancer are increasing among women. Doctors attribute this to an improper lifestyle, not maintaining proper hygiene of the genitals and other problems. It is observed that 1 in 5 women is at an increased risk of acquiring cervical cancer. However, it is also said that cervical cancer can be combated with regular checks and proper hygiene of the sexual organs. Therefore, doctors recommend women to undergo a comprehensive pelvic examination once every year after they achieve 21 years of age and after they become sexually active.

These are the important health check-ups that every woman should undergo to ensure their proper health and overall well-being.

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