Helpful Recovery Tips After Undergoing Glaucoma Surgery


Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that can lead to loss of vision. Glaucoma causes damage to the nerve that connects the eyes to the brain. During Glaucoma, the eye pressure increases causing vision loss gradually. Glaucoma can be treated through medicines including eye drops anti-glaucoma medications. Laser surgery is also a treatment option for Glaucoma. 

In Glaucoma, the patient suffers from blurred vision or in extreme cases there is a complete vision loss.

Helpful Recovery Tips after Undergoing Glaucoma Surgery 

The patient should remain under the guidance of the eye surgeon following the eye surgery. For the first few weeks after the surgery, the patient may get blurred vision that automatically becomes normal. There can be some side effects after the surgery like redness, irritation, or swelling, the symptoms will fade away in some time. The patient should not rub the eyes after the surgery. Following the surgery, the eye doctor may keep drainage to help fluid reach outside the eye. This will help in relieving eye pressure. You should keep in touch with your eye specialist following your surgery.

You may have to visit your doctor many times within the 6 weeks recovery period after the surgery. This will help your eyes to heal fast and there wouldn’t be any complications. Your eye surgeon would keep on evaluating to check that the fluid is draining properly out of your eyes.

Following the eye surgery, you will have to see your doctor a day after the surgery and then a week after the surgery followed by 3 to 4 more appointments during the 6 weeks recovery.

Your Eye Specialist will look at your healing process and suggest an appointment accordingly. The doctor may ask the patient to change the glasses or contact lens after the glaucoma surgery. The patient is advised to take medicines according to the guidance of your eye specialist.

Recovery from glaucoma typically takes a few weeks. You can resume your regular activities after one week or two of the Glaucoma surgery. After a few weeks, you can start watching TV, phone and you can use other electronic devices. But you should restrict the use in the initial few months after the surgery for better and speedy healing.

One should take proper rest, avoid stressful activities, take proper sleep, and remain restful during the recovery period. One should take proper nutrition and remain hydrated for faster healing.

One should avoid scorching heat, and avoid sitting for a long time on electronic gadgets, and also avoid activities that cause pressure on your eyes, this is important at least for a few months following the surgery. The patient should also avoid the use of hair colors, avoid having water near the eyes, avoid rubbing eyes, and avoid swimming or wearing contact lenses.

One should wear sunglasses if to go out in the heat. Following the surgery, the patient should try to be more with family and friends for having a relaxed time and remaining out of stress. The patient should take medicines and put eye drops like antibiotics etc. as advised by your eye specialist. See that you wash your hands before you put your eye drops into your eyes, this will prevent any chances of infection. The patient should check for any discharge from the eyes and if you notice any such thing, you should inform the eye specialist immediately.

Glaucoma surgery is an advanced surgery that prevents vision loss in your eyes. It is a modern and innovative way of restoring the vision of your eyes. Famous clinics in Mumbai have eye specialists and the infrastructure required for performing advanced glaucoma surgery. You should remain under the guidance of your eye specialist and follow him for better eye health after the glaucoma surgery

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