Follow These Health and Fitness Tips While Working From Home

While the world is suffering from pandemic going into office doesn’t require stepping out of your home. As per the stats, 30 million in the entire US are working from home and the numbers are going to increase by 63 million in the coming years. These clearly indicate that the majority of the workforce will be working remotely. 

It is a fact that while working from home, you have to face a certain set of challenges pertaining to your health. You have a chance to enjoy alluring snacks to munch, might experience social motivation while working in an ergonomically uncomfortable position. All these factors can damage your health conditions. 

Go through some great tips for staying fit, healthy while working from home

1. Have a Separate Office Area

It is advisable to have a separate area dedicated to your work. You should take a sound sleep in bed do keep all the documents and other office materials away from the bed. Doing so will disturb time decided to chill and relax. If you work from your couch you will be mentally connected with professional obligations while you are not working.  Make sure to separate professional working space and from personal. 

2. Take Break Every Hour

While you are working from the comfort of your home it is quite easy to get stuck in your seat. With the help of a timer or app which reminds you to take short breaks every hour. Due to lockdown, you have to be inside your home, but just a walk around different rooms, yards or balcony to get some sunshine and fresh air.

3. Prepare a Schedule & Stick to it

As per the expert studies, it is good to set your proper working schedule rather than work at odd hours and wake up late. If an appropriate time frame isn’t set which hamper the quality of the work schedule. So it is always suggested to stick to those hours. 

4.Focus on Workouts

While drafting your daily schedule it is important to use flexibility to your advantage. It is essential to schedule workouts the way you do for meetings. It is always a good practice to jot it down to keep it at the back of your mind. 

5.Have a Peaceful Environment

It is a great idea to make your work area, soothing that helps to keep your stress under control. Being at home working gives you an opportunity to make your surrounding soothing. It is doable with the help of scented candles, spraying a room freshener around your desk. Also, the seat near a place next to a window to stay connected with the world outside.

6.Maintain Work-Life Balance

To keep the balance between work and life, it is always suggested to maintain a work-life balance. Do not let the work harm your personal time. You should not work on weekends and keep track on how much time you are dedicating to work on a daily basis. 

7.The stock of Yummy Snacks

While working from home it is quite obvious you get a craving to eat and when you are aware that your kitchen is packed with yummy snacks it may feel tempting about it. But to keep you healthy it is advisable to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid gaining unnecessary fats. Avoid consuming candy and junk food to stay healthy and fit.

8.Apply the “Pomodoro Technique”

When you are locked inside and have to work from the comfort of your home it may hurt your daily step count. The best point is when you are at home it saves your time to commute, which you do not have to. So it is suggested to utilize hours in a productive manner by doing a workout to keep you active, sound sleep, and less stress. The Pomodoro technique works by setting a time of 25 min & take a break of 5 min. Utilize the time for bodily exercise or anything to keep your body moving. 


To conclude, we can say that by working on these health and fitness tips you can definitely keep yourself active. Simultaneously, you can also able to work from home effortlessly which might not hamper your productivity. So you will be benefitted from both ways personal and professional front. Keep yourself stay healthy and safe.

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