Everything You Need To Know About Shoulder Replacement

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Shoulder replacement surgery may be required for a restricted range of motion, significant shoulder pain interfering with everyday activities, rheumatoid arthritis, lifestyle changes following a severe shoulder injury, and osteoarthritis not improving with conservative therapies. Various variables determine surgical success, delivering long-term advantages above conventional procedures. 

 A healthy shoulder allows a person to move his or her arm freely. However, the shoulder joint may have a limited range of motion due to trauma or repetitive usage, falls, or injuries. The patient’s movement is limited and they are in excruciating discomfort. Most shoulder surgeons do not operate right away. Initially, many cautious measures are attempted, including using cold, restricting range of motion, resting, getting a massage, and taking painkillers. Should these therapies prove futile and the patient’s range of motion is lost, the shoulder surgeon may consider shoulder replacement surgery. 

If conservative measures are not relieving your symptoms, your doctor may perform an MRI or X-ray to determine whether a shoulder replacement is required.  

If you’re unsure whether a shoulder joint replacement is the best course of action, here are a few indications that it may be time to consider it. 

Four Prerequisites For Shoulder Replacement Surgery 

The shoulder has a ball and socket. The ball is at the top of the humerus and fits into the socket. There is a smooth cartilage that lines the socket. This cartilage lets the ball move freely in the socket. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments hold bones and cartilage together, enabling the shoulder to move freely while remaining stable. Injury or illness may cause shoulder wear and strain, causing discomfort and mobility issues. High cartilage wear may reveal the bone. 

  • Limited Range Of Motion. 

When the range of motion is restricted, you should consider shoulder replacement. Reaching upwards or combing your hair becomes challenging when the range of motion is restricted. Shoulder replacement surgery reduces discomfort and improves range of motion. 

Shoulder replacement may be necessary if significant shoulder discomfort interferes with everyday living. Bathing and dressing are difficult, and there is severe shoulder discomfort. Shoulder replacement surgery may be suitable if nonsurgical methods do not relieve pain. 

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis 

In rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system assaults and kills joints, including the shoulder. The joint’s synovial membrane thickens due to prolonged inflammation. It produces significant shoulder discomfort, a leading cause of shoulder replacement. After shoulder replacement, the patient has less shoulder discomfort and a better range of motion.  

  • Lifestyle Changes After A Severe Shoulder Injury 

Shoulder replacement is recommended for vital shoulder injuries such as fractures, vehicle accidents, and big falls. A severe shoulder injury is like a rotator cuff rupture with cartilage loss. Degenerative rotator cuff injuries are very common, caused by wear and strain. Surgery experts always try to preserve every repairable rotator cuff. If the injury is too lengthy and muscle loss is beyond healing, shoulder joint replacement may be necessary. Some people may undergo surgery if nonsurgical rotator cuff restoration fails. 

  • Shoulder Replacements For Osteoarthritis 

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition causing bone-on-bone arthritis and chronic upper arm and shoulder pain, especially during overhead activities. After NSAIDs and physical therapy, shoulder replacement surgery may be considered if no improvement is seen after addressing the pain and stiffness. 


Successful shoulder joint replacement surgery often relies on several variables, including the patient’s health, the nature of the treatment, and the surgeon’s surgical skill. Although treatments and medicines work well to manage the symptoms of shoulder discomfort, surgery offers long-term health advantages. Compared to conventional methods, modern shoulder replacement operations provide several benefits. 

Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital at Goregaon, Mumbai provides shoulder replacement treatments to relieve shoulder discomfort and restore function. They provide excellent shoulder replacement therapy with accuracy and patient comfort. 

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