Complete Guide About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breasts have very symbolic importance in defining the femininity of a woman. A good healthy pair of breasts can signify good sexual health and an attractive physique of a woman.  Big breasts have always been desired by women and men since history. That’s why most of the artists used to make portraits and statues of women having big breasts. But do you know that big breasts are a real threat to a woman’s life?

Women with big breasts often complain about severe back pains, neck pains, postural deformities, discomfort during physical activities, uncomfortable breasts-feedings, breast-cancer, and so on. This is a very common painful experience faced by ever women with oversized breasts. In that case, you should always try to achieve a normal breast size.

Regular exercise and proper weight loss can help you to achieve the normalized breast size. You can include yoga, dieting, cardio exercises, and weight loss techniques to get well-shaped firm breasts. But suppose, you are not getting good results and want instant results, you can always opt for a surgical method known as Breast Reduction surgery. For this kind of surgery, you have to hire a well-experienced doctor who can perform surgery with great precision.

Before starting a treatment you need to keep in mind various tips to avoid bad and harmful consequences from the surgery. Breast Reduction surgery is a fatal procedure to perform. A small carelessness can cost your money and in the worst-case scenario, your whole life. In that case, you can consider the guidelines mentioned herein in this article and follow them carefully.

  • Breast Reduction surgery is a complex form of surgery. Thus, it requires highly qualified doctors and medical equipment. This will cost you a fortune. So make sure that your insurance can cover your breast surgery. Since this surgery is reconstructive in nature; you can easily claim your insurance money. This will reduce the burden on your expenses.
  • Try to explain each and every detail of your problems. Don’t feel shy or ashamed of anything. You should share your family history, your previous surgery details (if any), your breastfeeding status, and also the presence of any form of a lump in your breast (at present as well as in the past). Don’t hide any information otherwise, your doctor will not be able to assess your real problem. Try to be more articulate and open-minded on this case.
  • Always prefer wearing loose Shirts and blouses. Avoid using Brassiere for the period right before and after your surgery. Try to look for cotton fabric instead of the synthetic one as it will increase the chances of rashes.
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking right after receiving your dates for surgery. Consumption of these can hamper the effects of analgesics and anesthesia during as well as post-surgery.
  • If you are already on some medications (like Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve or any other anti-inflammatory drugs), then immediately discontinue their use or consult a doctor.
  • Big breasts are unable you or your doctor to identify the lumps in your breast. This increases the chance of you getting breast cancer. Immediately consult your doctor if you feel any lump or pain in your breast and back region. Breast Reduction surgery can help you to take out additional fat and muscle from your breasts which also reduces the chance of cancer at the same time.
  • You may get your mammography done right before the surgery. In that case, always go for well-reputed laboratories. Good laboratories have high skilled workers who produce highly précised and error-free results.
  • Right after your Breast Reduction surgery, make sure to follow all the guidelines prescribed by your surgeon or doctor. You can use a lot of ice as compression to reduce inflammation. Never skip your medication and try to complete your medication course. Continue wearing surgical bras as per your doctor’s direction. Take proper sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid fried and spicy food. Avoid lifting heavyweights. Prevent yourself from any type of physical and mental exertion. And last but not least try not to skip your routine checkups. If in case you missed one, try to reschedule your missed appointment as soon as possible.
  • Breast Reduction surgery doesn’t include any disruption to the milk ducts. Thus, milk ducts remain intact with your breasts even after surgery. This assures young ladies to continue with their potential of breast-feeding to a great extent.

Breast Reduction surgery is a revolution in the area of medical science. It has proven as the boon for those women who have suffered from psychological issues like under-confidence, prolonged embarrassment, and self-criticism because of their abnormally big breasts. Not only that, but this surgery has also changed the way of living for those men who have suffered from a very rare medical condition called Gynecomastia, a situation of enlarged breast size in men.

A healthy body is an essential asset for a good life.

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