6 Basic Elements of The Natural State of Meditation

Effortless meditation, also known as a natural meditation state, has its origin in Chinese Chan, Mahamudra, and other non-dual traditions. These traditions have a single common view. No individual is separate from being whole. Meditation is a method that lets you go beyond the boundary of faith. However, as it is an effortless meditation method, faith is highly important. You can choose Brahmavidya meditation courses to learn about the elements related to effortless meditation.   


Simplicity can give you a natural, child-like joy. However, simplicity is not about stupidity. It is a way of being humble. Moreover, it does not refer to the act of avoiding problems you encounter in your life. Openness and gentleness are the most important factors associated with simplicity. So, how do you maintain simplicity during your meditation? You should follow your breath and not your thoughts. 


It denotes that you cannot understand the state of effortless meditation with only concepts. You should remember that it is not your mind, which perceives your natural state. Concepts and words can never influence your direct experience. Thus, a non-conceptual awareness that is not involved in any type of judgment is important for meditation. 

Let your thoughts go off to facilitate the non-grasping element during your meditation. You can learn about meditation techniques from meditation courses online. 


You can sit still during your effortless meditation. To practice this meditation, you should try to sit silently. Your mind should not constantly jump from one issue to another. Stillness will also help you to perceive the importance of peace. 

This type of practice is known as Neti Neti in Vedic meditation. You will learn more about it from meditation classes in Mumbai. 


It is another significant factor, which keeps you involved in the natural meditation state. It is true that you remain in a natural state during meditation. However, meditation helps you identify this state. There is no need to apply a technique for fabricating this state. 

The term ‘non-fabrication’ signifies that you should not try to control your experience. That is why it is considered natural. You do not need much effort to create the desired state. Still, you need a guide of professional trainers who provide meditation courses in Mumbai. 


Non-resistance means you are ready to accept something. It is, however, the best way to get rid of stress. By having non-resistance, you will also get a therapeutic value and manage emotions. During your meditation course online, you will know more about the elements like non-resistance. 


It is the major aspect often overlooked during meditation. You should be aware of your surroundings and have an insight into your being.  

So, you can now go online and search for courses with your query- the best meditation courses near me. 

Resource boxBrahmavidya Sadhak Sangh is a registered organization that is known for providing meditation courses. 

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