An Ultimate Guide To Hormonal Contraceptive System

hormonal intrauterine systems
hormonal intrauterine systems

In today’s day and age, there are countless hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive devices in India that work using different methods. Barrier and hormonal contraceptives are the most popular in the Indian market and there is a number of options you can choose from. Intrauterine devices which are comparatively an underdog in the contraceptive market is being increasingly relied upon by thousands of Indian women as their preferred mode of contraception. The rise of intrauterine devices in India can be attributed to their reliability, low cost, and both hormonal and non-hormonal solutions. It’s important to note that hormonal contraceptives, lead to bodily changes and have a direct impact on menstruation cycles but offer more peace of mind. Here’s a guide that will tell you all you need to know about hormonal contraceptive systems:

  • Oral pills: Oral pills are especially useful as emergency contraceptives which means you can use them even after conceiving. Popularly known as the day after pills, these hormonal contraceptives are cheap and widely available making them very popular with women around the world. Oral pills usually contain a mixture of hormones like estrogen and progestin which does not allow the eggs in the ovary to get fertilized. Oral contraceptive pills have been found to be around 95% effective in preventing pregnancy but doctors do not usually recommend them to be taken regularly as they cause hormonal changes in the body and disturb menstrual cycles. Oral pills also differ in their recommended time period of effectiveness so be sure to double check before buying. 
  • IUDs: Intrauterine devices are a reliable and almost permanent mode of contraception, and are available in hormonal and non-hormonal variants. IUD’s laced with hormones like progestin can also be used as emergency contraceptives, meaning after the event of conception.  IUDs are effective for around 5-10 years depending upon the type and manufacturer, which makes them preferable over other types of contraceptives. IUDs are also cheap and easy to use and they have been proven to be the most effective contraceptive, in preventing pregnancy. 
  • Patches: Transdermal contraceptive patches are also one of the popular hormonal contraceptives which inject a variety of hormones in the bloodstream when applied. They work primarily by preventing ovulation and spur changes in cervical mucus to prevent pregnancy. 
  • Vaginal rings: Vaginal rings, laced with hormones have also become popular in the western world. Vaginal rings can be easily inserted and removed. These rings contain a mixture of Progestin and Estrogen which prevents pregnancy. 

We have told you briefly about the different types of hormonal intrauterine systems that are most popular. We at Pregna are a market leading manufacturer and exporter of quality IUD contraceptives and we would love to hear from you in case you have any further questions. Have a great day ahead!

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