What Are the Different Types of Hair Transplant Treatment?

Well, if you keep believing that looks do not matter, then sorry but you are fooling yourself. Appearances are powerful ways of setting an impression that is otherwise hard to do. Hair is one of the most obvious parts that influences your overall looks. If you have lost your hair and are unable to get them back by all possible methods, then the only way out for you is a hair transplant. If you have decided to go for the hair transplant then you must know the types in which they can be categorized.  So here is a complete guide with the help of which you can know all about the types of hair transplant.

So basically, the hair transplant can be categorized into two broad categories and they are FUSS and FUE. Find out more about it in the further part of the article:


This stands for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. This is quite a popular type of hair transplant in which 6 to 0 inches of the skin is moved from the backside of the head. The strip of the skin is then set aside. The area where the skin is taken can be hidden with the hair that is around. The piece of skin that is remove divided into very small pieces of one hair or few hairs together. The type of hair, its color, texture and lot of other details decide where you can have the transplant. Drafting off the single follicles or a group of few of them then fill up the bald places. Due to the procedure, it is known as strip harvesting.


This is the golden procedure of hair transplant. This is the process where the single follicles are removed from the donor area with tools which are specialized in cutting. They are the individually grafted hair follicles in the recipient site. The surgeons are experts who make sure that follicles are planted at an angle where they can produce natural hairs. This is how normal hairs grow in and the patch of baldness is filled with hairs.


Are you flooded with a question in your minds about the hair transplant? Then here are few frequently asked questions that can help you know all about the hair transplant. Go through them and clear all your doubts regarding the hair transplant:


  • Is the process hurting?

While the surgery will have proceeded, there might be a bit of discomfort in the process of recovery. Any other sort of pain can be treated with painkillers.


  • Does the process leave any scar behind?

FUE surgery is the one that is known to leave any scar. Hence, if you are looking forward to this process then you need not be worried but if you are going for FUSS, then you might have to have a scar in the donor site. But the scar can even be hidden with the hair of even small length.


  • How much cost can the transplant be?

The cost of the surgery is always dependent on the scale of the procedure. The cost of it might vary from $ 5000 to $ 12,000.


  • How much time will it take until you see some of the results?

The first result can be visible directly in four months. The complete effect of the procedure can be visible in one year at max.


  • Is it known to be a successful procedure?


Most of the people are quite satisfied with the procedure they undergo but the potential risks are quite higher in these procedures.


  • What are the risks associated with a hair transplant?

There are two broad categories of transplants and they are generally safe. But on the other hand, there are always some risks that are associated with cosmetic surgeries. In this process bleeding as well as bruises are unavoidable and hence, it might cause some physical pain. This is the reason why it is said that cosmetic surgeries and most importantly the hair transplant requires mental stability.

Final words:

These are the types of hair transplant which one can go for. If you have decided to go for the hair transparent then you must know the types of the same to choose the best of your case. The hair transplant is not an alternative to any other organic procedure of gaining hair. One requires to make tries to gain the voluminous hair back naturally. After the failure of all the possible methods, one can opt for hair transplant procedures.

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