Can you permanently cure dry eyes? Causes and Treatment

Dry eyes may be defined as the condition where the eye cannot remain wet, causing uncomfortableness and resulting in vision problems. At present, there is no such treatment meant for dry eyes, but taking necessary precautions and medicine can help reduce this condition. There are many factors responsible for dry eyes, such as tears getting dried too quickly, body not tending to create incisions, eyelids problems, and many more.

There are several causes for dry eyes, some of which are mentioned below.

Causes for dry eyes:

The glands present above the eyes are responsible for creating tears or keeping the eyes from getting dried. So, when tears are not able to work as per their functions, it results in the condition of dry eyes. The reasons may be the quality of the incisions or even when tears start to evaporate quickly. Dry eyes disease is more common in females, which is mainly due to hormonal changes. 

Mentioned below are the most common factors responsible for dry eyes.

  1. If the person is suffering from some kind of skin condition, especially near the eyelids
  2. The reason for dry eyes can also be the deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids or Vitamin A
  3. Medications for depression and high blood pressure treatments can result in dry eyes.
  4. Environmental factors too play a vital role in causing dry eyes. Factors such as smoke, dry air, or wind can cause dry eyes.
  5. If the glands responsible for producing the oily layer do not function properly, it results in dry eyes.
  6. If a person has diabetes for an extended period then it may also result in dry eyes condition
  7. Many times it has been seen that allergies can affect the eyes resulting in dry eyes condition.
  8. When the blinking gets reduced due to long hours of working in front of a screen
  9. Going through laser eye surgery may also result in dry eyes.

Treatment for Dry eyes:

The dry eyes treatment entirely depends on the underlying causes or the severity of the dry eyes condition. Therefore, doctors first diagnose the patients suffering from dry eyes for the best results.

Artificial tear solution:

The artificial tear solution is a type of eye drops that can be purchased over the counter. It is one of the most common treatments used for dry eye conditions.

Moisturizing gels:

Apart from eye drops a doctor may suggest using moisturizing gels on the eyes layers to find a solution.

Punctal plugs:

The puncture plugs are used in the puncta, which is the opening of the tear ducts. This method helps to keep the tears in the eyes for longer durations.


Surgery is a rare treatment condition for dry eyes. However, a doctor may suggest undergoing surgery so that the lower eyelids are tightened so that the eyes can retain tears.


Mentioned above are some of the causes and treatments for dry eyes which should be followed for the best results.

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