Cosmetic Dentistry: A Perfect Solution for All Your Dental Worries

Reston cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most important services that we often tend to ignore until we need it. From sensitive teeth and bleeding gums to a cavity that needs fixing—these have always been among the major reasons, people visited their dentist. However, with the advent of scientific research and technology, dentistry is not anymore limited to disorders of the teeth. Rather, dentistry has spread out considerably in the domain of Reston cosmetic dentistry that takes care of the shape and whiteness of teeth, teeth alignment, bonding, and recontouring, among other services. Therefore, is safe to assume that there has been a functional paradigm shift in the field of dentistry.

What are the Services?

Let us now specifically look at the areas that are most popular in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Crowns—as any cosmetic dentist Reston will attest for, the demand for a fortified dental crown is one of the most popular services. The dental alloy used in the crowning process protects the natural enamel against cavity-promoting substances, and thus increases the life of the enamel. The process is also responsible for beautiful, white teeth because the exposed yellow surface beneath the enamel is covered up efficiently.
  • Whitening—a lot of people do not have aesthetic teeth because of some ill habits that they cannot get rid of. Smokers often have ungainly stains on their teeth that make them socially unacceptable. For this reason, teeth whitening is popular among people who want to change their lifestyle for the better and gain confidence.
  • Bonding—Often, the gap between teeth is a tad bit too much, which mars the otherwise good structure of the mouth. The cosmetic dentist Fairfax VA makes sure that the teeth are bonded with polymerizing agents so that the clients get a new look that is sure to enhance their self-confidence.
  • Recontouring—this service has become quite popular in people who have unmanageable undergrowth in their gums. While the trait is not harmful, it is unaesthetic and undesirable. In the era of public appearance and social media, it is no wonder that gum sculpting has emerged as a popular service.
  • Invisible aligners—aligners are more popularly called braces, which are quite perspicuous when one opens their mouth to talk. However, with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to wear retainer-like aligners that do not disturb the natural beauty of the face. This service is hugely popular among people who feel that the alignment of their teeth could be improved.

The Cost and the Risk of the Services

Cosmetic dentistry is not inexpensive, but considering the makeover, they render it deserves a chance. Make sure you get the best quote online. Like in any other field, the services come with risks, which can be considerably minimized if you consult experienced surgeons. So, say goodbye to stained, misaligned, gapped, or gummy teeth and gain all the confidence you need to start a new and confident professional and social journey!

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