Dr Suresh Advani – Understand the Role of Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment

Dr Suresh Advani - Understand the Role of Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment

The term ‘chemotherapy’ is synonymous with cancer treatment. Although there is an advancement in the medical field, oncologists always prefer chemotherapy to treat this disease. It is a way to use drugs to ensure the ultimate remedy. While standard chemotherapy is effective, other types of drugs can work better. Immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy are some alternatives. 

A chemo is a systematic approach for treating cancer and killing cancerous cells. This treatment is different from radiation, surgery, and other common therapies. Surgery eliminates a tumor from the affected part of the body. Radiation therapy aims at a particular part of your body to damage the deadly cells. 

What is the purpose of chemo treatment?

The best chemotherapy doctor in Mumbai can help you in different ways-

Cure the disease

Chemo can destroy the cancer cells in your body. Some oncologists do not use the term “cure”. Still, you have a chance of recovering with the right treatment. The doctor takes every approach with curative intent.

Control cancer

Some cancer treatments are intended for controlling the disease. Thus, chemo drugs will shrink tumours and prevent cancer cells from spreading rapidly. It will help you feel better. Cancer does not go away in some cases. However, like a chronic disease, it is manageable and controllable. Moreover, although the cancer is cured, it can come back after a few years.


As cancer causes some symptoms, you can ease them with chemo. It is known as palliation. When the cancer patient has reached the advanced stage, it is not under control. However, the use of chemo will ensure a better quality of life. For instance, the drug will shrink the tumour size and reduce your pain. You will feel better with continuous treatment. 

Oncologists providing the best chemotherapy in Mumbai will decide on the drugs for treatment. They will also instruct you on the doses and the way to take the drug. They make these decisions based on the type of cancer, the location of the cancer cells, and their effects.

In some cases, the oncologist will treat the disease with a chemo drug. However, he may also use a combination of different drugs.

Each drug will work differently to cause a positive effect on your body. It also reduces the risk that cancer becomes resistant to one drug. 

Chemo drugs are highly strong medicines. That is why you have to be careful to take the appropriate dosage of the drug. Intake of a high amount of drugs will threaten your life. Doctors also calculate the dosage properly to treat their patients. Consult your oncologist to learn about the chemotherapy cost in Mumbai.

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