Summer means a hot & humid climate, sweaty skin, hairs and overall a messed up appearance. The torrid weather never does well with the skin or hair and results in tan, dead skin, and hair breakage with a split end. As much as it is important to take care of the skin from sun exposure, it is also significant to take care of your hair in the best way and prevent the damage the summer season can do. In order to prevent the damages caused by sun exposure, it is essential to follow a routine that reaps nourishing skin and beautiful hairs regardless of the season. Without going hard on skin & hair with chemicals & toxins, it is possible to maintain beautifully glowing skin along with voluminous hairs just by adding a few natural elements to the skin & hair routine. 

Tips for nourishing skin this summer

It goes without saying that skin needs to be protected from direct sun exposure in order to prevent skin tan & damage. Sunscreen is one of the essential parts of the routine, using moisturizer & sunscreen with SPF protection features complements the skin in the best way. 

It is inevitable to avoid tanning when exposing the skin to the sun during summers, hence, using tan removal face wash can prove beneficial. In weather that makes it difficult to nourish healthy skin, wearing limited & light makeup can be of much help. To remove the dead skin cells & retain healthy skin; exfoliating on a regular basis proves very useful. However, using an exfoliator during the day & removing dead skin cells early morning may keep you exposed to danger the whole day via the opened pores. Thus, following the skincare routine at night proves favorable for the skin in all aspects. Here, Healthy living tips to make skin and hair grow comes to rescue.

However, apart from these easy essentials of the routine; it is also important to have natural elements in the routine in order to prevent damage from the humid summer weather. 

 Natural ingredients like: 

  • Multani Matti 

A natural form of sand matti that benefits your skin even in the rawest form deserves a place in the skin routine while fetching nourished beautiful skin. 

  • Fruits loaded with antioxidants

Having fruits loaded with antioxidants makes you glow inside out in the most beautiful way. Antioxidants protect skin damage & prepare it for sun exposure, hence having fruits loaded high in antioxidants repairs damages, removes dead skin cells and promotes good glowing skin. 

  • Water 

Staying hydrated is not for just summer but is applicable & fruitful in all seasons. The amount of water you drink reflects on the skin in a positive & healthy way. It repairs damages & retains the moisture making your skin glow inside out. 

Tips for nourishing hairs this summer

The skin routine goes without saying, though summer also calls for a healthy hair care routine. Summer weather, torrid climate, harmful sun rays & the hot wind can actually damage the hairs in all aspects. Frizzy, oily, gushy, broken with split ends; there are a number of problems that sun exposure during the summer season can cause to healthy hairs. Hence, it is important to take care of your hair with natural elements along with using the routine shampoo & conditioner. Nourishing elements like Hair oil, Hair serum, Hair shampoo, and hair conditioners loaded with natural ingredients benefit the hair in a beautiful way. 

Water being the high rated ingredient, all health & beauty tips are incomplete without proper hydration makes water an essential element for all routines. Fruits, leafy vegetables, low-fat food items along with non-oily food products; are some natural elements that promote nourishing skin & healthy hairs inside out without chemicals & toxins. 

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