Exploring The Role Of Dental Implants In Fixing Broken Teeth

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If you have a tooth that is cracked or chipped, it causes discomfort and also affects your smile and health. You may be confused about whether to repair it or remove it. Sometimes, the tooth can be repaired with a crown or filling. However, if the tooth is damaged too much, you must remove and replace it. Fortunately, advanced dental technology has introduced an innovative solution for restoring your damaged teeth which is a dental implant. This article will help you understand the role of dental implants in fixing broken teeth. 

Understanding Dental Implant: 

Dental implants surgery is a procedure that replaces the repaired teeth roots with titanium posts and the repaired teeth with artificial teeth. The titanium post provides a sturdy foundation for the replacement of the teeth, such as bridges, crowns, or dentures. Dental implants are popular because of their durability, stability, and natural appearance. If you’re considering dental implants, visit a dental implants clinic in Mumbai for expert care.  

How Dental Implants Can Be Utilized In Repairing Broken Teeth 

Stabilizing the Tooth:

If your tooth is broken but still can be fixed, a dental implant can be used to stabilize and reinforce it. The implant serves as a holder for the artificial crown, which is safely attached to the implant. Thus, it restores the tooth’s appearance and functionality.  

Replacement of Severely Damaged Teeth:

If your teeth are heavily damaged and cannot be preserved, you need to extract them. Dental implants are an excellent choice for replacing extracted teeth. Once the broken teeth are extracted, a dental implant can be placed inside the socket, and then a lifelike crown is attached. This helps to retain the look and functionality of the broken teeth. Also, it maintains the alignment of the adjacent teeth. 

Supporting Dental Bridge:

Broken teeth located near the missing teeth can compromise the stability of dental bridges. Broken teeth can be restored within the dental arch by using a dental implant as a support for the bridge. This helps to strengthen the bridge and also improves its longevity. 

Benefits of Dental Implants: 

  • Long-lasting solution: Dental implants are designed in a way that they can withstand the pressures of daily biting and chewing. This provides a durable and permanent solution for broken teeth. 
  • Natural appearance: Dental Implants support restorations that closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, which helps restore your aesthetic smile and improves confidence. 
  • Preservation of jawbone health: Dental implants help stimulate the jawbone, prevent bone loss, and preserve facial structure over time. 
  • Improved oral function: You can enjoy restored chewing efficiency and bite strength with dental implants. This allows you to eat your favourite foods with ease. 

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