5 Ways Adjustable Beds Are Beneficial For Seniors

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With time our body ages due to which we suffer from pain and mobility issues. While we may not be fully aware of it, our muscles and bones start to wear. The need for comfortable shoes, chairs, and bed also increase. As our age increases, we need to manage our lifestyle and bring healthy changes. This includes being aware of everything we use. 

While we do not put much focus on our bed, but it is an important part of our life. Every day we rest on it. The resting period or the time we sleep is very important for our body as it repairs itself. Therefore, in this article, you will find the health benefits of adjustable beds for the elderly. Many doctors and physiotherapists also recommend using such beds earlier in life to keep the posture of the body right.

  • What are adjustable beds?

Beds having the flexibility to move the upper and lower body by having multiple hinges are called adjustable beds. An adjustable bed can help you support multiple sleeping positions. Earlier these beds were mainly used by the elderly and people with mobility issues but now a lot of people have started using these beds as a lifestyle change.  

  • Who can use adjustable beds?

Adjustable beds were primarily used by elderly folks. But nowadays people of all ages use it. Many people have health issues where they need to keep their head or legs elevated. Hence the popularity of adjustable beds has increased. The number of adjustable bed suppliers has also increased over time and each of them is trying to add more features to such beds.

Sometimes it’s not only medical conditions, but to relax also you might use an adjustable bed. If the head is slightly up it helps to read, or after a long day keeping the leg elevated makes you feel good.

Here are the eight health benefits of an adjustable bed:

  1. Helps sleep better
  2. Ensure free movement
  3. Increases blood circulation
  4. Gives relief from spinal/joint pains
  5. Reduces swelling
  6. Reduces snoring
  7. Post-surgery recovery
  8. Digestion

And 4 lifestyle benefits:

  1. Helps to read or watch TV/mobile
  2. Different sleeping position
  3. Comfort to destress
  4. Better posture
  • Where can you buy adjustable beds from?

Many adjustable bed suppliers have a huge range of products. To identify the best among them you need to look at the ones which have good reviews. Also, you can look for doctor certified or recommended adjustable beds. These days manufacturers are also producing electric beds that are even easier to use and effective especially for the elderly and patients with mobility issues.

  • Who installs adjustable beds?

Most of the electric bed manufacturers provide free installation and answer any query or question you have. The installation guide will also be provided to you for anything you want to read about. They also provide a guarantee period for these beds as they are usually more expensive than normal beds.

  • Mattress requirement for adjustable beds

Almost all mattresses will work well with adjustable beds, but you need to make sure they are flexible enough to move with the bed. Memory foam mattress works great for this kind of bed. Ensure your mattress has the right depth so that it supports the bed’s mobility. 

If you’re looking for a bed that not only gives you, health benefits but also lifestyle benefits, then an adjustable bed is the next thing you need to purchase. It is easy to operate and will let you sleep in the position you like. Wishing you many comfortable nights of sleep and relaxation. 

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