Specialists say that 90% of hair transplant clients nowadays are guys belonging to the age group of 25-35. The reason is unhealthy diet, irregular sleep patterns, pollution, and other environmental factors which can result in great hair loss. Men are more inclined to hair loss since it is created by male hormone dihydrotestosterone.

The proportion of hair loss in guys and females is 5:1. In the previous four to five years, we have seen an expansion in such cases as dietary propensities and work patterns have changed altogether.

Specialists say male-pattern hair loss can begin in the teenage years and started showing its effect in the mid 20s. Serious viral contaminations can likewise be a reason for the extreme hair fall or the sparseness in guys, independent of the age.

Only a couple of years prior, such techniques were connected with men in the 40-60 age groups. Experts say the pattern has moved likewise in light of the fact that youths now begin acquiring by the age of 21-22 and have confidence in putting resources into their looks.
What happens in hair transplant in Andheri?
Hair transplant includes evacuating some hair follicles or hair joins from the back of the head, as they are resistant to hormonal changes, and surgically embedding these in the uncovered territories.

Albeit most specialists say that hair transplant is a safe strategy with insignificant or no reactions, they first propose non-surgical strategies, for example, meds, or empowering the follicles and a fitting eating routine arrangement.
After a transplant session, the hair takes around nine months to re-grow completely. One can trim, shave or style this hair at any rate. It is better if men go for hair transplant in Andheri at a young age, as the donor age is quite high at that time.
Some of the facts are:

Reasons for broad hair fall in youthful guys: unhealthy dietary and dozing propensities, smoking and drinking, hypertension, diabetes, contamination of the scalp, hormonal changes because of certain drugs

Hair transplant strategies accessible in India: There are two systems accessible for expulsion of hair grafts – the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) techniques. In the FUT technique, a piece of scalp is curtailed of the head and is analyzed into individual unions – points of interest being a bigger region can be secured in less sittings.
The FUE strategy for hair transplantation includes taking the individual follicular units/joins from the back of the head one by one by trimming around it through a modest specific machine and evacuating them. This technique empowers speedier recuperation time, subsequently averts cuts or join – along these lines diminishing scars.
Time required and number of sittings: 1-2 sittings of six to seven hours each

Post surgery care: Doctors exhort individuals who have experienced hair transplant to not go out in the sun for around a week, stay away from physical action which causes sweating, abstain from lifting substantial things for two-three days, dodge hot sustenance, liquor and smoking for a month and to keep the region the treated scalp clean amid the recuperation procedure.
Side Effects: Swelling of the scalp and face may happen. In some cases, Tingling, torment and deadness might happen post a hair transplant method.