Gynecomastia refers to having feminine breast size in men. It occurs due to the hormonal imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. The problem makes the men anxious and it is affecting around 1/3 of the world’s men. Gynecomastia is an advanced surgical procedure that helps to remove the extra tissues around the chest making the size normal. It has shown tremendous results in men and this is the reason why men are getting more and more inclined to gynecomastia surgery as it is an innovative procedure that helps to remove the swollen excess tissues around the breasts of men and help to reduce the enlarged breasts in men with simplicity and ease. The results are fast and the procedure is simple.
Gynecomastia surgery is carried out at advanced cosmetic clinics by eminent cosmetic surgeons who use the most modern tools and technologies to conduct such a highly specialized surgery. The results are fast and long-lasting.
During Gynecomastia, local anesthesia is given and extra fats and tissues are removed from the chest region, and contouring helps to offer fitter male chest. During gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon creates a periareolar incision. The size of the incision depends upon the severity of gynecomastia. There can be minimal scarring after the procedure. If you get your gynecomastia surgery from a high-tech clinic by certified and eminent surgeon, the procedure becomes very safe and effective, the surgeons here will follow the scar care protocol to minimize your scarring. Post-operative care is also important to reduce the risk of infection and to prevent scarring. After the surgery, patients are relieved with a compression garment to protect the chest area. Patients can resume back to work after 3 days of the procedure.
The safety protocol suggested by the surgeon should be followed to get a fast recovery. There can be little swelling, pain, or bruising following the procedure, it fades away in a few weeks so the patient should not worry. The recovery period is a few days and the patient can get fast and successful results if he/she follows the guidelines of the surgeon and takes the necessary precautions. Gynecomastia surgery is becoming increasingly popular because it has helped many men to get rid of the extra tissues around the chest, this has reduced their fear and stress.
The patient should remain under the surgeon’s guidelines and take proper diet and nutrition to obtain successful results from the procedure. The results can be long-lasting if the patient follows a disciplined lifestyle and takes the necessary precautions.
The surgeon does the physical examination of the patient and based on the checkup, age, and other factors suggest gynecomastia surgery as required by the patient. The extent of gynecomastia may vary from patient to patient. The results are safe and successful without any complications.
Gynecomastia is a highly advanced cosmetic that has shown immense benefits and has helped may men to get rid of their anxiety and revive their confidence. This is the reason that men are turning towards gynecomastia surgery.
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