Most parents believe that a girl should visit a gynecologist only when she faces any medical concern or is sexually active. Experts differ in their opinion here. They suggest that parents should not wait for something wrong to happen to their child for her to visit the gynecologist. This is something all adolescents should do. Normally, girls between the ages of 13-15 should visit a gynecologist. This will help them develop a bond with their doctor and understand periods and puberty in a better way.

What can you expect from this trip to private gynecologist London?

If you have been seeing your mom going to a gynecologist, you should understand that this trip won’t be anything like that. It is going to be very different. Many girls are scared of pelvic examination and the doctor touching them at private parts especially when they have just attained puberty. If you are visiting the gynecologist for the first time, your trip won’t include any pelvic examination. 

Your visit will include a general physical examination. The doctor will check your height, weight and blood pressure. If there is any minor problem, the doctor may look at your genitals from outside without doing any invasive examination. They can also feel your belly, but you need not worry about this.

It would be a conversational visit, where the doctor might explain some things to you which a parent can never do. Some doctors also make the best use of this opportunity to talk about breast development, periods, contraception and other sexual health-related issues. They also try to explain the meaning of safety to young girls.

If you have been sexually active before this first visit of yours, there are chances that the doctor will examine you for any possible STDs. For this, they might require vaginal swab, but this is not something to fear about.

This is also a chance for you to get all your questions answered. Gynecologists are the best people to talk to when you have any queries or doubts. Many girls get scared by abnormal vaginal discharge and they are not comfortable talking about this with their parents. Doctors can answer their questions and put their minds at ease. 

Sometimes girls might also need an examination if they do not develop breasts or get periods by a certain age. We are not saying that something is wrong here. It’s just all issues need to be addressed and this is also one of them. Irregular periods is also one of the concerns why girls in their teens should consider visiting a gynecologist. 
You first visit to a private gynecologist is the beginning of a long-term relationship with him. You should ensure that you are choosing a good one. Try and trust your doctor and you will see its results later in your life.