If you are one of those who want to get rid of that stubborn excess loosed belly fat and planning to have tummy tuck surgery then you need to learn everything about this surgery. It is essential to consider this surgery serious and know everything about it including its recovery time and what it involves in recovery. There are several factors on which tummy tuck is dependent that includes health, body weight and also your age. Recovery also depends on the type of tummy tuck you have undergone. 

It is natural that everyone wants to recover faster and better after the surgery, but it is also essential to give it a proper time so, you don’t face any type of after results. You might only need to stay on the bed in the hospital after surgery or might be for more than one day, it is all up to the surgeon and type of surgery you have undergone. Your doctor will tell you everything you need to do and follow after surgery in order to recover fast and firmer. If you want to recover then you should follow the instructions strictly. Here we have prepared an article on everything you need to know about recovery time of tummy tuck surgery and you can expect from it. 

What to expect from Tummy Tuck Mumbai surgery? 

After surgery, your doctor will give you some instructions and you need to follow them in order to recover fast. Here, we have prepared a list of things your doctor would tell you:

  1. What to avoid in term of any physical activity that can affect your incision line for six or more weeks.
  2. How to take care of drain tubes and incisions. 
  3. What you can eat. 
  4. How long to wear the abdominal pressure garment. 
  5. How much to rest. 
  6. What to be aware of in terms of health and any type of infections. 
  7. At what time gap you need to see your plastic surgeon again. 
  8. What you should quit. 
  9. What type of lifestyle you have to maintain. 

After surgery, you need to ask someone to be with you for some time as you can’t be able to drive a car or even walk properly. You can ask your relative or any friend to take some time for you in the hospital and at least for 1 week after surgery. You can have a shower after 48 hours of surgery as at that time you can remove your drains. You can have a sponge bath until be properly ready for a shower in terms of removal of draining. You will be advised to use the chair while showering for some time.

Tummy tuck which is a type of cosmetic surgery that is carried out by the expert surgeons who knowledge and tools of medical surgeries. In this article, we have listed something that you can expect from tummy tuck surgery.