In human species, the ability to reproduce comes at the age of 11 in girls and 13 in boys. The onset of puberty marks the beginning of their sexual life and any sort of copulation done thereafter will result in fertilization of the ovum by the sperm and hence the girl will be pregnant. Though by nature’s law, it has been decided that every male- female couple will at least produce one offspring in their lifetime, this isn’t the exact scenario in today’s world. Statistics have revealed that around 35% couples cannot produce offspring even after having unprotected intercourses several times.

The main factor governing the possibility of reproducing is the fertility of both the individual. However, if any of the individual is infertile, he or she would not be able to take part in the reproduction. Infertility is termed as a medical condition where an individual is incapable of reproducing either due to hormonal imbalances or due to biological problems in the reproductive organs or the secondary sexual organs.

For instance let us deal with the symptoms of infertility in males.

  • Ejaculation or the discharge of semen out of the penis during sexual stimulation or orgasmic stimulation is one of the important factor that governs the chances of fertilization. Many men suffers from this disorder as it can occur in three way. A disorder in ejaculation means the sperms are not either being given out of the body or the semen is not able to reach its target organ, the ampullae of the female’s fallopian tube. There are three ejaculation symptoms that can be noticed without much difficulty-
  1. RETROGRADE EJACULATION is when the semen is pushed back into the urinary bladder instead of getting jerked out of the penis. This is also known as dry orgasm and the male will not be able to produce sperm for reproduction.
  2. PREMATURE EJACULATION is in most times accompanied with low or negligible sperm count and occurs even before stimulation can reach upto its height. This causes frustration, anxiety and in some extreme cases lack of sexual intimacy.
  3. RETARDED EJACULATION is when the ejaculation occurs late or in some extreme cases the male will not even have an ejaculation. This occurs either due to any blocked in the vas deferens or if the testicle is not suitable enough to generate enough spermatocytes.
  • The underlying veins that gives blood supply to the testicles in the scrotum can sometimes get damaged. The valves present in the veins does not function properly and hence it causes the backflow of blood. As a result a blue swelling in the vein occurs which is most commonly termed as a varicocele in the testes. This reduces the testosterone level, the male sexual hormone that triggers the sperm formation and also the sexual desires. So with men suffering from a swelling in his testes is most likely to have a low sperm count and hence the chances of fertilization is reduced to a great extent.
  • Erectile dysfunctioning, a common problem that a male can encounter is a condition when the erectile muscles in the penis does not work properly and hence erection isn’t seen in a clear manner. Problems in erection results in abnormal ejaculation and hence it is a sign of infertility in males.
  • The inability to smell things is one of the genetic disorder that comes either due to late attainment of puberty or no puberty at all. In this case the Gonadotropin hormone GnRH released from the hypothalamus fails to trigger pituitary gland to produce testosterone stimulating hormone and hence sexual development is not achieved.
  • A very small size testicle or a small length of the penis can lead to fertility problems since a delicate and firm testicle fails to produce the required sperm count whereas a low length of the penis fails to ejaculate the semen in the female’s vagina.