Heart health, is an oft ignored aspect of overall health being by millennials, which have far ranging consequences, the most serious of which may include long term diseases like Diabetes and fatal heart attacks. India is home to the largest number of heart patients in the world, in terms of percentage of general population and its easy to see why, considering the average Indian diet which is oft laden with saturated fats and excessive sugar, coupled with sedentary lifestyles of corporate employees, which prove to be a breeding ground for all sorts of heart problems. Apart from the usual diet and exercise there are a number of small things you can work on to ensure a healthy heart and in this article we will tell you exactly that with the top 10 tips for having a healthy heart, compiled by Doctors and fitness enthusiasts from around the world:

  • Oil: If you consume oil as a part of your daily diet you can modify your choice in accordance with your heart health. There are oils like Olive oil, sunflower oil and others which have been lab tested and proven to be beneficial for heart health compared to their peers.
  • Cardio: There’s a reason why its called Cardio. While a lot of people work out on a regular basis, make sure you include a cardio regime in your workout to maintain proper heart health. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, rowing are all great exercises that will keep you engaged and your heart, healthy.
  • Cut down on smoking and Alcohol: It’s no secret that vices like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption wreak havoc with your heart beating patterns and ultimate health. Cutting down and preferably quitting is the best thing you can do for your long-term cardiac health. A study found that smokers and drinkers were at an enhanced risk of upto 40% when compared to general populace, in terms of heart diseases and problems.
  • De-stress: If you have been spending unusually long hours at work, without taking time to properly de-stress and skipping on vacations, then it’s time you decluttered that schedule and indulge in life for de-stressing. Stress is the number one factor which contributes to the conditions of young people affected by heart problems.
  • Salt: Excessive consumption of salt is also detrimental to cardiac health in a number of ways. Salt when consumed by humans affect the rate of blood flow which, if sustained over prolonged periods (due to excessive consumption) can periodically weaken the cardiac muscles of your heart. Cut down on your salt consumption, or completely replace it with more viable options like Rock salt and herbs.
  • Laugh! By laughing we don’t mean the endless barrage of laughing emojis in chats. Laugh out more in real life also has laughing has shown to decrease stress hormones in the body, decrease inflammation in arteries and raise high density lipoprotein also known as good cholesterol.
  • Chocolates! Again by this we do not mean you to dig into a box of any chocolate or candies. Dark chocolate has been shown to contain flavonoids that help reduce inflammation and keep blood flowing at normal rates.
  • Stairs: Perhaps the simplest thing to include in your daily routine. Don’t miss out on opportunities to take the stairs where feasible.
  • Get a Pet: The national Institute of health has confirmed this one. Get a pet to improve your heart and lung function.
  • Oral hygiene: Brush at least twice a day, as studies show that the bacteria present in the oral cavity can also significantly raise the risk of heart diseases.

We have talked briefly about the top 10 tips you can use to make a positive difference to your heart health. All the best!