Going through an infertility treatment can be very emotionally and physically stressful experience. We hope for success for the first time but the stress involved in this process is known to lower success rates. Some changes in our lifestyle, some healthy habits, and investment of some time and energy can help you deal with this situation. In this post, I will give you some tips to take care of yourself during infertility treatment :

  • Balanced diet: A nutritious and balanced diet is the most important thing to follow during infertility treatment. Processed foods affect reproductive systems on a great level. Best infertility doctor in Mumbai advice you to avoid fast foods and artificially flavored food items strictly. Eat natural food. Drink filtered water.
  • Exercise: Prepare a workout routine with light physical exercises. Get up early, keep moving throughout the day and warm up before exercises. Undergoing light weight training 2-3 times a week can contribute to the great extent of your health.
  • Sleep: on an average 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for every person. A good quality sleep relaxes you better than anything else. For a good sleep keep your sleeping place clean and hygienic. Avoid screen time 60 to 90 minutes and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol before going to sleep.
  • Peace of mind: your psychological state is very important during this process. Our hectic schedule doesn’t allow us to have some time for ourselves which in turn increase stress levels beyond limits. Best infertility clinics believe that during an infertility treatment it is crucial that you give some space for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to prepare yourself to face challenges of infertility. Take out some time to relax. Practice yoga or meditation to calm your mind and body. Listening soft music and even going outdoor in nature are great ways to relax. Spend some time in nature, feel the breeze, sunshine, and rain.
  • Unplug: Social media consume most of your time these days and there are many things on social media that can increase your stress levels. During your infertility treatment take a break from the digital world. Best infertility doctors suggest you to distance yourself from mobile, laptop, iPad etc. and spend some me time.
  • Acupuncture: it is observed that acupuncture increase success rates of the infertility treatment. Acupuncture reduces cortisol and adrenaline levels and makes you feel relaxed.

Socialize: Best infertility clinics recommend you to socialize more during the infertility treatment. During this period you need to surrounded by people who truly care for you. Spend maximum time with your friends and family. Participate in some social activities, interact with people and if possible volunteer for some cause.