Embracing fatherhood is the best thing to happen to any man. Nothing feels better than holding a sweet, tiny soul in your protective hands. But there are a lot of factors which affect the chances of you being a father.

One of them being low sperm count, there are a lot of things which you might be doing unknowingly that can affect your sperm count, check the list below to know some of them.

      Shocking but true, plastics contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which is an additive to a lot of plastics. It is capable of lowering sperm count. According to a 2008 study people with higher concentrations of BPA in their urine had low sperm counts.
    • HEAT
      The warning about not putting your laptop was for a reason. Increased temperature around your genitalia can affect the sperm production as it increases the optimal temperature required for sperm production. That is also why experts advise against wearing tight underwear.
      Study done in France suggested that obese men were 42 percent more likely to have low sperm count then non-obese men. Also they have 80 percent chance of having ejaculation with no sperm in it at all that is why it is advised to have a healthy diet to keep your weight under control.
      A Harvard University Study found that men who eat processed meats such as bacon, ham or turkey slices each day can have lower percentage of sperm cells, while men eating anything other than processed meat had a 7.2 percent normal sperm cells.
      Your alternative for cooking food will decrease the chances of you becoming a father. As BPA resin is often used in commercial canning to line the inside of the cans. And BPA as discussed earlier reduces the sperm count.
    Steroid users are at a risk as this muscle growth tool shrinks the testicles and decrease the sperm production. Hence, it is always advised to stick to natural ways of getting fit.

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