When it comes to human height, there is a complex interplay involving, genetics, diet, rest and exercise which goes into determining one’s height. You must have observed that Males grow taller than females, Thus consistent with, what is observed across the animal kingdom. Studies show that most adults don’t grow taller, beyond the age of 18-20. So if you’re looking to increase your height, the earlier you start, the better. Below we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts, if you are looking to increase your height naturally.

  • Milk Protein: If you are looking to increase your height naturally and are skipping out on your dairy you are making a fatal mistake! Milk protein is unique and an essential requirement of your body, which cannot be supplemented by consuming any other products. Milk nourishes your bones, and bone growth, in turn, determines your height! If you are averse to drinking milk and its taste, you can try adding things like cocoa powder, to bring it up to your culinary standards!
  • Posture: Posture is another factor that goes a long way in determining, you long you stand vertically! Cultivate a habit of maintaining the right posture, at all times, as early you can (preferably childhood). Keep your shoulders straight and chin up at all times! If you make a habit of maintaining a correct posture, from childhood, you are sure to reap the benefits of it as you grow older.
  • Micro Nutrients: While the internet is full of guides and articles as to, what constitutes a balanced diet which will help you grow to the full, there is a dearth of information as to the requirements of Micronutrients of the human body. It’s easy to miss out on them as they are required in very small quantities, but make no mistake, these micronutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Copper contribute to the most essential functions of your organs. If your diet does not include them, you won’t be able to grow to your full potential.
  • Exercise: Thanks to the constant advancement in tech, Sports today are inexplicably married to science. Modern athletes have a solid, cutting-edge infrastructure behind them to analyze even the most minute details of their performances. The importance of statistics and nutrition has skyrocketed. Recent studies have shown the importance of exercises like Stretching and Yoga, in terms of increasing height. Make these a part of your exercise routine if you want them to affect your height.
  • Intoxicants: If you have developed a habit of smoking cigarettes and drinking a few pints, be aware that these habits can wreak havoc with your growth potential. Smoking, Alcohol and Drug abuse is the number one reason for stunted growth observed in adolescents. The good news for you is that it’s very easy to kick these habits if you are young and we encourage you to do so.

So now we taken a look at the things to do and not do if you want to grow your height naturally. A good height can do wonders for your confidence and we strongly recommend you to follow these if you want to increase yours.

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