Gynecomastia is a condition in men wherein due to genetics or hormonal imbalance, men develop enlarged breast tissues. Gynecomastia affects more than third of the world’s total male population. This condition is not a threat to life, however, creates a lot of embarrassment and humiliation. So, there are many men who are so cautious about their appearance that they avoid removing their shirts. However, Gynecomastia surgery in India enables reduction of the excess tissues in the chest and offer advantages that include,

  • One is able to achieve toned and the most of all masculine chest.

A customized  and well planned procedure  based on patients goals and preferences often offers successful results. The procedure includes creating an incision along the edge of the armpit. In most cases with the use of ultrasonic liposuction methods, the excessive fat is removed. Furthermore, considering the individual’s condition glandular excisions may be required to reshape the chest.  The results offer a firmer and most importantly muscular chest.

  • The post surgery appearance  enables boosted confidence that includes benefits like,
  1. Improved ability to exercise and perform daily activities with added confidence
  2. Since the results are long lasting, one is able to live long without any concerns
  3. The recovery period is short thus one is able to get back to their routine work within a short period of time
  4. Due to Gynecomastia condition men usually wear loose clothes to be far from the embarrassment. However, post surgery one is able to wear tighter clothes or even roam shirtless on the beach with added confidence
  • How to identify a right Gynecomastia surgeon?

There are a number of surgeons available in India that offers treatment and surgery. In fact there are a number of people visiting India for a Gynecomastia surgery indicates that we have the best surgeons who offer expected results. However, at the same time, it is important that you consider a set of investigations before you decide to consult with the surgeon. Here are few tips that will help you find the right one.

  1. Find out the surgeons credentials. Visit the website and find out the experience of surgeon, the past performed surgeries  and their success rate.
  2. If possible meet a patient who has to undergo the surgery and find out his experience
  3. Advancement in the surgical methods happens frequently. Find out the latest and beneficial methods and inquire if that is available with the surgeon of your choice.
  4. Verify if the adequate equipment is available with the surgeon and in case of any issue during the surgery is there any plan to cover it up
  5. Find out what are the post surgery treatments and medications provided
  6. Cost is one of the most imperative aspects. Spending a bit more may offer expected results , however, when the same is done and the results are not as expected then you may lose more money, interest, and efforts in getting it rectified.