With people becoming more conscious about how they look and also about the fact that they want to look perfect in every sense, cosmetic surgery is increasingly becoming popular. Such cosmetic surgery procedures are done at astounding rates and by experienced surgeons.

Large portions of the population think cosmetic surgery as the solution to their body issues. In order to get the best results out of such surgery you need to discuss your expectations with the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of cosmetic surgery. Some of the main reasons why people tend to go for cosmetic surgery are:

  1. Improvement in appearance: Cosmetic surgery is carried out so as to enhance the outward appearance of the patient. Most of the time, if there are some issues with the body which needs correction cosmetic surgery is the best option that is available. In almost all the cases it gives transformative results as the process is carried out by experienced plastic surgeons.
  2. Increase in confidence level: Due to unhappiness with outward appearance, many people suffer from lack of confidence. With the help of cosmetic surgery one can finally look and feel better about themselves. The feel good factor can impact almost every aspect of their life and they can gradually start feeling better about themselves.
  3. Improvement in relationship: Changing the way a person looks definitely gives them a lot of confidence. Hence, people who are not happy and confident in their appearance can have turbulent relationship due to lack of confidence. It has been observed that many people after they have undergone cosmetic surgery and improved their looks finally get out and lead a socially active life once the process is complete. They also have better relationships with their friends and family members.

Though there are several advantages that come with cosmetic surgery, there are various cons as well. Some of the disadvantages of going for cosmetic surgery are:

  1. High cost: In case of cosmetic surgery, the surgeons tries their best to make you look good in exchange for a huge amount of money. Such expenses are rarely covered under health insurance and will have to be borne by the patient entirely. Also looking for cutting the cost may result in lessening the quality of the result. Hence, one needs to shell out good amount of money to get the desired result.
  2. Unrealistic expectations: Cosmetic surgery can only address certain issues and do not go deep into the problems. One needs to approach a surgeon with realistic expectations in mind so that the result is not disappointing. Along with cosmetic surgery which will help in improvement of the outer appurtenance one needs to also address issues about lack of confidence and other issues separately.
  3. Health complication: Just like any other surgery, in case of plastic surgery also some complications may develop post surgery and you may end up with a look that was not desired by you. Hence it is very important to discuss with your physician about the pros and cons of the surgery before deciding to go for it. Also it is necessary to follow the instruction of your doctor post surgery.

There are various types of cosmetic surgery that people can choose from and new processes are being developed constantly. It is a type of elective procedure and is done mostly to enhance appearance.