The IVF or in vitro fertilization treatment is known to bring happiness and joy for many couples who struggle to conceive even after years of trying. IVF functions more like a ray of hope when every other option fails. But wait, not everybody gets lucky on the first try with the IVF procedure. Often couples get heartbroken and financially drained (let’s face it, folks! IVF is very costly) over the fact that all of their emotional and physical efforts, hope, and hard earned money had gone to the ashtray, bringing only negative result. If you are one of those unfortunate couples, instead of losing hope, try learning from your failed attempt.

Abnormality of The Eggs

The formation of the human eggs is a complex thing indeed. The eggs go through many unwanted changes in quality and quantity as a woman ages, which often make the eggs chromosomally irregular.
And it is this irregularity that often leads to the failure of IVF. So instead of cursing your destiny, it’s better that you understand the working of the body, that can help you better understand and accept the results, whether it’s good or bad.

Embryos That Are Incompetent

Sometimes, a failed IVF cycle happens for the incompetence of the embryos that are placed into the uterus. Even if you opt for reputed IVF clinics and doctors like best IVF doctor in Mumbai, the abnormality of the embryos may lead to the failure of the whole procedure. Yes, the cause of an unsuccessful IVF procedure may lie in the embryo’s genetics i.e. the amount of cell division, grade of the embryo and its cell stage.

Flawed Implantation of Embryos

Transferring the embryos back into the patient’s uterus plays a vital role in the outcome of the IVF procedure, whether it is a positive or negative one. If the embryos are not placed at the right position of the uterus where the embryos can get attached to the lining of the uterus accurately, then the whole procedure is bound to result in a failed IVF cycle. Therefore, it’s not always about your body’s incompatibility, but, it may be the flaws present in the implantation procedure, leading to a failed IVF cycle.

Age of The Patient

Do you know that your age has a lot to do with an IVF cycle resulting in a failure! Females over the age of 40, generally find it hard to attain the effective result with the IVF procedure because of their hormonal changes. However, the females, who are in their early 30s, often get very lucky at the very first attempt. So it is best advisable to the ladies not to wait till you reach the age 40 to start with the IVF procedure. And even if something goes wrong, don’t lose hope, rather learn from it and analyze the chances and reasons rationally.

So, it is commendable for all the patients who have been through a failed IVF cycle, that before trying for another cycle, try consulting with the doctors and follow each and every direction carefully.  And try to have the IVF procedure done from any reputed medical institution, instead of going for any random one that claims cheaper treatment costs.