Varicose veins are caused to irregular blood circulation that causes clots in the blood vessels making them appear swollen, thickened and irregular. Varicose veins are painful and generally occur in lower legs. Severe varicose veins may reveal an underlying vascular disease that requires immediate medical attention.

Signs for veins

Treatment of veins depend on its severity. If you find some symptoms of varicose veins, you should consider varicose vein specialist. Varicose veins typically appear swollen and raised, and have a bluish-purple or red color.

5 Signs You Need to Have Treatment for Varicose Veins: If you find any of the following signs, you should consult a varicose vein specialist to seek the right treatment. Laser treatment is one of the most significant treatment of varicose veins in the modern times.

1.Painful legs: It cause poor blood circulation in legs leading to cramping and restless leg syndrome at night. One feels heaviness in legs during standing or moving. Varicose veins may also cause sclerosis where blood fails to be properly pumped from the lower legs back to the heart.

2.Swelling and pain: if left untreated can cause swelling and painI particularly in legs. Bleeding may also occur in more severe cases. These symptoms require immediate attention.

3.Irritation in skin: Varicose veins can cause skin ulcers, discoloration and inflammation of the skin, and itching sensations in skin. These veins give a bumpy and uneven look on the surface of the skin. If you find these cosmetic changes, you should take laser varicose veins treatment from varicose vein specialist.

4.Phlebitis: If varicose veins are not treated it may lead to pain, hardness and discoloration of skin. In such cases laser varicose veins treatment is the best line of treatment.

5.Restless leg syndrome at night: Varicose veins may cause restlessness and numbness in legs particularly at night.Laser treatment can be used in combination with other treatments for complete cure of varicose veins. If such symptoms occur, you should seek treatment from varicose vein expert as soon as possible to avoid any complications. With a proper treatment like vein laser treatment, you can get healthy blood flow restored back in your veins.
Varicose vein laser treatment is a highly safe and effective way of treating varicose veins with minimal risk. In this treatment, the doctors use a beam of laser that heat the blood vessels and in due course destroy them. In the modern time, laser treatment has become a prospective line of treatment for varicose veins. It is an effective, non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects and assured results. Laser varicose veins treatment should be done by experts to avoid any associated complications like pigmentation or darkening.
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