Health and fitness is the most important thing to live a happy life. Good health helps and supports us to work hard to achieve our dreams. It gives us the strength to stay positive and calm. On the other side, an unhealthy lifestyle makes us feel dull all the time. We feel tired and lazy all day which makes us unproductive. It is up to us which side to choose.           

There are many ways to live fit and healthy. Here is some health and fitness tips which can be followed:

  1. Start with the diet: Dieting is a very good way to keep yourself healthy. It cuts out the junk food, excessive sugar and salt from your meal. You can control your weight just by following a healthy diet. Allow only healthy food into your meal. Add more fruits to get all the needed nutrition. 
  1. Stop overfilling your tummy: Dieting can be difficult for you if you are foody. However, you can still control your weight by eating less. Eat whatever you want to eat but just for the taste. Do not fill your tummy fully. Spare some space always. Follow this tip and you will never put on extra weight.  
  1. Make a routine: The most common reason for unhealthiness is unhealthy eating habits. One has to be disciplined about eating to live a healthy life. You need to make a time-table for your breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Stick to this routine and do not skip any of your meals. Eat your dinner early and do not sleep right after eating.   
  1. Stay away from stress: Stress is the common reason for many health issues like blood pressure, heart strokes, etc. It makes you weak and sick. You need to avoid overthinking. Stress is just an outcome of worrying about everything. You can try meditation for mental peace. It is a proven stress-buster. 
  1. Go for exercise: It is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Choose an exercise that suits you. Add it to your daily routine. The habit of daily exercise keeps you active and makes your immunity system strong. It is the most common health and fitness advice and it works for everyone. People of any age can adopt this. 
  1. Do some Yoga: Yoga is getting so much popular all over the world. It is not just a fashion or trend but it is really effective. Most Yoga types include long breathing which makes you inhale a good amount of oxygen. It is good for your body and especially for your heart. Doing Yoga regularly will make you fresh and energetic all day. 
  1. Join swimming: Swimming is a relaxing and soothing activity specially in summers. It is the best way to burn calories without getting into an intense workout. It also helps to tone your body. You can do this activity three to four times a week to stay fit and healthy.  
  1. Increase water intake: In our busy schedules, water is the most common thing we all ignore or forget. However, It is an essential part of our lives. Always keep your water bottle with you and remind yourself to drink water. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It keeps you hydrated all day and also improves your digestion system.  
  1. Sleep tight: Healthy sleep is so important to have a healthy life. No matter how hectic your schedule is, make sure you have at least 7 hours’ sound sleep. Give your brain some rest to make it ready for the next day’s tasks. Energize yourself by doing this and you will surely experience the positive results very soon. 
  1. Quit bad habits: It is important to quit habits like smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol etc. These habits act like slow poison and affect your health very badly. It can lead to organ failure in the worst cases. One must take this health and fitness advice seriously to have a healthy life. 
  1. Go close to nature: We all know how polluted our surroundings are. We need to breathe in the fresh air so our bodies can have a good amount of oxygen. It is not possible in urban areas. For this, we must take a short break from our hectic lives and go close to mother nature. Choose a place for your vacations which has a lot of greenery. 
  1. Avoid the ease: Plethora of innovations have made our lives easy. But, it has also made us lazy and dependent. Most of us prefer comfortable convenience to reach places, we use a lift in spite of stairs. We need to avoid shortcuts and have some physical activities like using stairs, cycling or walking. It will help us to stay fit and active all day. 
  1. Take a break from technology: In today’s digital world, we all are busy using computers, tablets or mobile phones. No doubt it has made our work easy but we are getting addicted to this. Using computers or mobile constantly can cause severe back and neck pain to anyone. To prevent this, we need to take short breaks from work and relax our muscles. Stretching can be helpful. 
  1. Detox your body: It is an important process to make the body clean from inside. You can start drinking green tea. It is the best way to detox your body. Also, you can drink detox water by adding cucumber, lemon, and mint in normal water. This is good way to keep all the toxic elements away from your body.    
  1. Control caffeine: It is okay to have some tea or coffee once a day but you need to control the intake of it. Some of us are addicted to these beverages which are packed with caffeine. It harms our nervous system and fertility. It is highly recommended to avoid the intake of a large amount of caffeine.   

Following the above health and fitness advice can be beneficial to all. It will help you to stay positive and happy every day. Above are the best way to prevent laziness and become more productive.