Do you feel relatively calm before the visit to your dentist or nervous? A certain amount of apprehensiveness is fine before you visit your dentist or for that matter any doctor but if your nervousness has become fear or anxiety then it is the time to look for a solution. You can’t get treated well if you will fear your doctor.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety refers to being uneasy or worried about something unknown. Most patients suffer from this feeling when they visit their dentist for the first time.

What is dental fear?

It is a reaction to a known danger, can be brought about by a bad experience in the past.

What is a dental phobia?

Dental phobia, on the other hand, is a more intense feeling of fear or dread. People who have it are typically panic-stricken when they even hear the name of the dentist.

Let us look at some of the tips to overcome these fears:

  • List down your fears, it will help your dentist to deal with them. Know about your fears and talk about them with your dentist.
  • Choose the right dentist for you. The one who listens to your problems and without judging you helps you get out of the problem.
  • Visit the doctor with a friend or family member who has no fear or dentist and can help you keep calm.
  • Determine ways to gradually reduce your fears. Seek distractions while you sit on the dental chair. Put on your headphones, try to relax or choose a dentist who has some distraction methods available like T.V or radio.
  • Try to calm yourself by breathing in and out and holding your breath. This will slow down your heartbeat and relax your muscles and you will feel better.
  • Seek sedation if appropriate. Ask your dentist if sedation is appropriate for you or not and which one should you take. Some sedatives include local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, and oral or IV sedation.
  • If your fear is not solved by yourself, then you may need to consult a psychologist. A psychologist specializes in overcoming your fears including dental fears.
  • When you finally overcome your dental fear, reward yourself with something or other so as to motivate yourself for the next visit.

Well, dental fears are very common amongst many people especially kids and the adults who have grown up with this fear. But to overcome dental fear is a need of an hour as your oral health is the gateway to your overall health and it is no myth. If your mouth is unhealthy, soon you will start carrying the baggage of a lot many diseases affecting your whole body greatly. In fact, any kind of fear can sometimes lead you to the state of depression. So why call for so many problems when by just following the above tips you can be completely fit for all dental fears. If you are in Mumbai, visit the best dentists in Mumbai. Now if any one says to you that you will overcome the fear only when the pigs fly, tell them you have already been a pro at handling your fears!