Toothaches can be really painful. If you have had the experience of a night when your tooth started to pain suddenly, you will understand how pathetic it is. Although, the pain is mild in the beginning, but it does not take much time to develop and start throbbing. You will not be able to sleep nor will you have any medicine in hand to get the pain reduced. Even if you have contacts of experienced dentists, it is better to know some of the alternative solutions that will help control the pain from toothache during critical conditions.

Gargling with salt water is one of the age old techniques that has helped control toothaches to a great extent. You need to take lukewarm water and mix good amount of salt in it and start gargling as soon as you notice there is mild pain in your teeth. This technique is so helpful that it also helps people who are suffering from terrible toothache. Yes, there are chances of the pain to reoccur, but you can be rest assured that the pain will go away for quite some time. In addition to reducing the pain, it will also reduce the swelling too. Swish the water in your mouth for around 20 to 30 seconds and then spit it out. The fluid that causes the toothache will be removed during that time.

Cloves or clove oil is another pain relieving item that you can use. Just like salted water, clove oil has the ability to reduce toothaches almost instantly. It contains a certain compound called eugenol which is a natural anesthetic. However, you need to be cautious about using this oil as it should be used very little. A couple of drops on a cotton ball will be more than enough to ease your tooth pain. Even dentists recommend this tip to make sure that the patient does not have much pain. Simply apply the clove oil on the area where you have the pain and let it rest. If you feel there is mild pain again, apply another couple of drops. For those who have toothaches every now and then should have a bottle of clove oil handy.

Freezing the area that is giving you pain is another very easy way to control toothache. Considering the fact that you have a freezer or refrigerator at home and there will be ice available, you will have to take a couple of cubes and place it in a cloth. Hold that cloth on the affected area or you can keep rubbing the ice on that area. That part will become numb after some time. The nerves that are responsible for increasing the pain will be numb and you can rest for quite a long time. So, whenever you feel there is a toothache, quickly apply ice or if the pain is still there you can apply a couple of drops of clove oil on the area that is paining.