Root canal treatment is basically treating the infected pulp tissue of the tooth. This infection can be caused by deep decay, trauma to the tooth, cracks or repeated dental procedures. It is advisable to eliminate this infection and seal the root canal chambers to protect the tooth from future possibilities of infection. There is substantial risk involved if this treatment is not performed. Lets see what are the risks of not getting a root canal treatment:

Inflammation in gums and face:

Infection between tooth and gum cause tooth to decay. If still the root canal is not performed it causes redness and swelling in gums. Face and neck glands also get swollen.

Can lose the tooth: If you do not perform root canal treatment, the infection will spread throughout the tooth and it will start decaying. This will cause immense pain. In such condition when the tooth is degraded and pain is not tolerable you just have to remove that tooth.

Bad breath: degradation of tooth pulp causes foul breath and bitter taste in mouth.

Inability to chew food properly: Toothache due to infection won’t allow you to eat like before. There will be pain while chewing the food. This will decrease your diet and will affect the health.

Jawbone: When the pulp tissue of tooth gets infected and is left untreated it will spread in the surrounding tissues. The bone holding the tooth as well as other teeth will also start degrading because of the infection. It can spread in tissue of your jaw and you may have to lose some part of your jaw.

Problem in breathing: If the infection spreads to the respiratory tract, it gets swollen and you may face serious problem in breathing. Emergency treatments are required in such cases.

Brain: If the upper tooth is affected and root canal is not performed, the infection can affect the sinuses, area near eyes and reach to the brain eventually. Not much can be done once the brain gets infected.

Death: There are examples of deaths due to untreated infections in history.

There are many myths regarding the root canal treatment which might have caused you to avoid it for long time. But not getting a root canal have life threatening consequences. It is advisable to get the root canal treatment in a good clinic if you are suffering from a tooth infection, for the sake of your life.