In Mumbai, cosmetic medicine is not only very popular; but is recognized to have among the highest standards in the world. Cosmetic surgeons in the city provide key career defining services for the massive performance arts and entertainment industry; and there are many clinics across the city offering weight loss surgery. While there is a lot of demand for such aesthetic medical procedures; there are various critical factors people tend to ignore regarding surgical weight loss. To understand the key advantages of liposuction surgery, one must understand the fundamental features and the patient’s role in the process!

Here are some facts that will help you understand this complicated subject better –

(a) Body Sculpting and Obesity Surgery

It is important to understand that liposuction can be used for both body sculpting as well as obesity surgery; but the fundamental objectives differ. While body sculpting is a complex aesthetic process, obesity surgery is often a life saving procedure. Body sculpting also often concerns multiple procedures to get you into the desired body shape. If you consult the right doctor for a liposuction surgery in Mumbai, they will help you understand the subtle differences between these two objectives. If you are looking to shape your body for a career, it is a much more complicated process than simple weight loss surgery!

(b) The Role of the Patient

While liposuction surgery has become well recognized to the public today, there are still many misconceptions about this medical process. Many feel that liposuction is a miracle solution to permanently lose weight; but this is far from the truth. The patient has a massive role to play in the overall success of the procedure. If your lifestyle does not include a proper diet and regular exercise, no surgical process can help your body maintain the surgical weight loss. This starts with diet and exercise routines before surgery; and continues post surgery as a lifelong process where your lifestyle will have to support the artificial weight loss.

(c) Realistic Expectations

Many patients undergoing liposuction surgery in Mumbai have a very unrealistic concept of weight loss via surgery. Simply removing fat from your abdominal area does not necessarily mean that you can boast six pack abs! Also, not everyone’s body type is suited for extensive body etching and sculpting, and this has to be considered. While modern body sculpting processes can help you get prominent six packs after surgery; this may mean several procedures, and a lot depends on your body type. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can guide you better about the realistic expectations you may have following liposuction surgery.