Undergoing a tummy tuck surgery is one of the major cosmetic surgeries performed. Recovery from this surgery will take time and there is always possibility of things going wrong. So follow some tips mentioned here to get speedy recovery after tummy tuck surgery :


  • Follow Surgeon’s advice: Listen to your surgeon when they advise you something. Surgeons always give tips for speedy recovery, advice on how to avoid risks and complications.  But most of the times people just do things that slows down their recovery or cause complications.
  • Healthy diet: Most of the overweight patients are malnourished hence their ability to heal is very poor. A healthy diet is very necessary after the surgery. There are certain foods that makes you heal faster such as dark leafy green vegetables, pineapple and vitamin C-rich foods. Foods which might cause gases like cabbage or beans should be totally avoided. Eat small proportions, avoid extreme salty foods and stay hydrated.


  • No exercise just walking: Walking will prevent formation of blood clot and will help your body from becoming stiff and tight. Walking will keep the tissues soft and relaxed. But walking straight will tighten the abdominal muscles, so stay slightly bent at the waist during first week. A walker or cane might also be helpful. Any kind of exercise is forbidden. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities. Get enough sleep and rest to support healing process.


  • Do not smoke: It is recommended to stop smoking at least 20 days before and after tummy tuck surgery to avoid complications. The elements present in cigarette like nicotine, hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide hinders the blood flow and hence are extremely harmful to the skin. Sufficient flow of blood to the skin cells is very important during and after tummy tucking surgery. When there is inadequacy of blood flow in these areas, many complications can occur.


  • Wear abdominal support garment: Surgeons generally advise you to wear a binder around your abdomen for support. It will compress your abdomen a bit and help in healing by controlling the swelling. These abdominal binders are available in different sizes and widths. You can purchase them from any pharmacy or surgical supply stores. It’s better to have two or three binders on hand, so you can wear one while you wash another.

Tummy tuck can change your life in major way but act of carelessness after the surgery can cause major complications. So take this seriously. Following the advice of your surgeon can help you heal very fast. Find the best surgeon and best clinic to make this process easy.