Improving body contours and proportion Liposuction reshapes and removes the excess fat deposits of your body and improves your physique.

Liposuction can treat various parts of your body which includes

  •    Thighs
  •    Abdomen and waist
  •    Hips and buttocks
  •    Upper arms
  •    Inner knee
  •    Back
  •    Cheeks
  •    Chin and neck
  •    Chest area
  •    Calves and ankles

A liposuction surgery can be performed along with other common plastic surgery such as breast reduction, facelift and tummy tuck. One cannot go for a liposuction treatment for obesity or consider it as a substitute for healthy diet and exercise. Woman are most commonly worried about finding a better treatment for cellulite and liposuction isn’t one. You may need to find a better alternative.


The surgery is performed using a suction tube that’s inserted into the skin. Fat is suctioned by the doctor from target areas under the skin. Latest technologies have made it easier, safer and less painful. The main purpose is to regain an ideal shape to your body, not reduce weight. This technique is typically used in areas that are considered as a “problem” or that which doesn’t respond well to exercise and diet. Usually, they are often found to be on outer thighs and hips for a woman while back and waist on men. The other areas are commonly treated.

It is important to note that even if one loses a significant amount of weight it isn’t necessary for them to regain their body proportion. Certain areas may bulge but liposuction eradicates these fat cells sculpting you back in shape.


  • SAL – Suction Assisted Lipectomy a traditional procedure in which tumescent liposuction is performed. It may not require general anaesthesia. An anaesthetic solution such as epinephrine and lidocaine is injected into the fatty tissue to numb the area where the suction tube will be inserted.
  • UAL- Ultrasound-Assisted Lipectomy uses ultrasound to liquefy the accumulated fat which is later removed using a suction tube. This technique may be helpful in removing fat cells from abdomen, sides, neck and back.
  • LAL- Laser assisted liposuction uses low energy waves to break down fats and later removed through a small cannula.

Liposuction surgery is usually performed as an OP procedure in a well-equipped hospital. This can be done in a few hours’ time and doesn’t require the patient to stay overnight. In some cases, local anaesthesia is used to relieve pain if any or a sedative to ease and help you relax. If a huge amount of fat is suctioned you may be provided with deep sedation.

A liposuction surgery is usually benefitted by people who want to reshape their body, not obesity or stretch marks. It may be also used to treat certain medical conditions like gynecomastia (abnormal enlargement of male breasts), metabolism fat issues in the body, lipomas (fat tumours) and so on.

If you’re looking to get yourself a surgery done, Liposuction in India is the best option for its effective treatment and affordable cost.