Tummy tuck is a surgery to remove excess fat from your stomach area. It is very tempting to get back to your normal routine and flaunt your new figure but it is important to follow some post operative instructions to avoid risk. Taking one step at a time towards your normal workout routine can certainly help your wounds to heal and to get back in shape safely. Let’s have a look at some tips to get back in shape after tummy tuck surgery :

  • No strenuous activity for six weeks: It is better if you perform minimum physical activity for 2 weeks. Physicians advise against loud movements for 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery. Any kind of straining activities for body should be avoided for six weeks at least. It can affect the healing process of wounds.
  • Return to work: getting back to work and starting your normal routine might help in providing strength to your healing muscles . Light movement like walking and climbing stairs will help. Due to work routine your meal times will also be regulated. Proper consumption of food will speed up the healing. Tummy tuck in India is performed at many clinics and all of them suggests to start the normal routine but without straining activities.
  • Develop some new habits: It is not advisable to join gym immediately after a tummy tuck. Start with light workout. Take stairs to work, avoid vehicle for small distances, go walking, join yoga classes.
  • Low-impact exercises: When you start feeling fine, don’t start rigorous exercises immediately, take it slow. Start with low level exercises like low-impact aerobics, ramp walking, yoga, low impact cardio or pilates. From sixth week you can slowly start cardio, running and swimming. After six months you can go back to high intensity workouts.
  • Balanced Diet: Improper diet can hamper the results of tummy tuck. Consume nutritious food to help your body heal but avoid greasy, sodium rich fast foods. Make sure your diet contains high level of proteins, essential amino acids, fruits and vegetables. Tummy tuck in India promises best results if you take care of your diet.

Strenuous activities cause a pressure on stomach and doing such activities after tummy tuck surgery can lead to internal bleeding and hamper the healing process. To get back into the shape after tummy tuck surgery you should not start your per-surgery workout routine directly. Start from light activities, low impact exercises and very slowly go towards the normal workout routine.