It is extremely important to get the education about the Face Lift Surgery before settling down with the idea to get it done. Even the doctors in the Institute want to educate their possible patients about the surgery so that they do not have any misconceptions and are aware of the actual results. It is also the duty of every doctor to discuss and make the patient aware of the precautions to the taken before and after the surgery. But first, it is essential to understand the term, Blepharoplasty and the success rate of Blepharoplasty in India.

It means the eyelid surgery which circles around the correction of the skin surrounding the sensitive area. It is noticed that with age, the eyelids become sagging or drooping due to the ageing of the skin around the eyes. The eye bags can also occur consequently. The surgery is meant to deal with such issues and the after photographs of the patients who have already done the surgery are very impressive. It reveals the expertise of the doctor in the related field. The procedure can rejuvenate the eyelid and the surrounding area providing with a much youthful and radiant look.

The procedure removes the excess skin and fat around the eyes and repairs the area. Few tips will be very helpful for making the correct decision. Any decision involving a surgery should not be taken in haste. The results and the preventive steps should be taken into account primarily.

  • The first and the foremost misconception to be clear is that the surgery is not only performed on old patients. Even the younger generation goes for the surgery as they may experience the deposition of fat around the eye which gives it a fuller look. This surgery can help in the reduction of the fatty tissues in the lower or upper lid.

For the older patients, the problem is the loss of youth in their eyelid area which can be rejuvenated with the surgery much like it was there in their hay days.

  • The operation is done by marking the excess skin in the eyelid area. The incision is done with general or local anaesthesia. After the incision, the excess skin is removed and relocated to get the even tone and closed with sutures.
  • The postoperative care mostly consists of the application of the antibiotic creams and the icing of the eyes which should be done couple of times during the day. Blepharoplasty in India is not a new technique anymore as the success rate is very high.

A scar can be there for a couple of days which can be camouflaged with makeup or glasses. It will fade away with time. Eyelid surgery is successful in restoring the youthful look of the surrounding area and this elevates the confidence level of the patient. The main aim of the cosmetic corrections is to make the patient feel confident about their appearance. It also boosts their confidence level. The Institute has an impressive success rate in the concerned field.